Electronic pig movements set for legislation

From April 2012, pig producers in England and Wales will have to register all pig movements via the new eAML2 system.

In October, DEFRA plans to amend the Pigs, Records, Identification and Movements Order (PRIMO) 2007 to phase out paper-based AML2 forms, and replace them with the electronic system that was launched in April this year.

Dorothea Schiemann, from BPEX, said: “There will be a transitional period of six months for the phasing out of the paper-based AML2 forms, planned to start from 1 October 2011. This will give producers and businesses the opportunity to adjust to the change in process.

“From April 2012, the AML2 paper forms will cease to be a valid method of reporting movements. Pig movements will either have to be reported using the free eAML2 online service or the free eAML2 bureau service and there will also be third-party agents such as marketing groups or the British Pig Association.”

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