English Winter Fair:Pig championship

Taking the pig championship was Mark Horsley, Yorkshire with a pair of homebred cutter pigs weighing between 65-80kgs.


20112011 Pig Champ.jpg 

Pig Results

Purebred Modern breed pair


Class 97 Pair Bacon pigs, each 81-93kgs

Mr and Mrs M V Hicks, Warwickshire; Res, D G Broick, Cheshire


Class 98 Pair Cutter Pigs, each 65-80kgs

M Horsley, Yorkshire; res, Mrs C D Vaughan, Warwickshire


Class 99 Pair cutter pigs, 48-64kgs

Mrs C D Vaughan, Warwickshire; res, Mr and Mrs M V Hicks, Warwickshire


Class 100 pair bacon pigs 81-93kgs

M Chesworth, Cheshire; res, M C

Class 101 Pair cutters 65-80kgs

E and M Paddock, Staffs; res, J A Hanson, Warks


Class 102 Pair pork pigs 48-64kgs

S E Kiddy, Beds; res, Sarah Ashcroft, Lincs


Cross Bred Breed pairs


Class 103 Pair bacon pigs 81-93kgs

M Horsley, Yorks; res, D and J Sutton; res, D and J Sutton, Staffs


Class 104 Pair cutter pigs 65-80kgs

Dingley Dell park, Suffolk; res, M Horsley, Yorks


Class 105 Pair pork pigs 48-64kgs

Sarah Ashcroft, Lincs; Res, Dingley Dell Park, Suffolk


Best pen of pigs at Show

M Horsley, Yorks; res, Mr and Mrs M V Hicks, Warks.