Farmer Focus Livestock: Adrian Harrison

Here we are in August, still worrying about the price of straw and as I drive around the countryside I have been looking longingly into fields of gold, wishing it would be back in my barn. Annoyingly, crops of maize are looking rather good; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

We have found ourselves lucky enough to be in receipt of a grant to help us buy a heat-recovery unit for our parlour. We are pleased to receive this especially as it will pay for itself in three years.

The grant was good news, but I was shocked when the contract arrived, the grant forms for this “green” issue were an inch thick. What a shame a forest had to be sacrificed for me to receive this money. In addition to this, I think the department that issued it should have taken advice from the school of crystal clear English as it is so full of complicated legal jargon that it is virtually impossible to understand.

Having just completed a three-day motorbike trial, I have been researching high-protein foods to build myself back up after using more energy than I had to spare. From the small amount of information I gathered, I think DairyCo needs to have a new shot at marketing milk. All the supplements recommended are nearly all full of whey protein… A fantastic build-up drink would be a glass of fresh milk. It would also taste a lot better than one of the protein bars I attempted to eat.

It is now time to assess if the grass is ready for second cut so I will be reporting back on the quality and quantity next month.

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