Farmer Focus Livestock: Mathew Cole is on tenterhooks before lambing

Not much has changed since my last contribution. My leg is healing well and with one week remaining before my cast is removed, I look forward to my freedom being restored.

On the farm, however, the wheels never stop. I have a quad and am able to ride around and give a few orders – although I am not sure my limited input is appreciated.

We have had a couple of good cattle sales at Tavistock Market recently, with our 20-month-old South Devon and Simmental cattle selling well. Trade was strong and they were good honest cattle that will go to a better country and thrive.

Lambing is closing fast, the ewes look well and a few cattle have gone so we can put the lambing shed and small pens together. The Whitefaced Dartmoors and Bluefaced Leicesters will start indoors this week and the Scotch ewes next week outside.

Those couple of weeks before you start is like the calm before the storm. You just wait for the few inevitable early unviable lambs and then it goes mad. Let’s just hope spring is not too far away – there are some early signs but it is best to keep quiet until it arrives.

On a personal note, a fox took my fiancée Gemma’s chickens last week. She only had four but she was attached to her hens; they were her relaxation therapy after a long day in the office. When you see Mr Fox, tell him I am after him. This is, however, a timely reminder we are not the only ones waiting for lambing. Good Luck.

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