Fat sheep trade at Kington remains solid

A smaller entry of 823 end of season hoggets sold to a good trade on the week at Kington market, with prices ranging from 150ppk to 225ppk.

The demand was good for all weights and well bred and meated lambs sold to a significant premium. Lighter weight hoggets were also in good demand at a price.

The top price hogget’s were £117 per head on for some 60kg hogget’s from T Bufton & Sons. Overall averages were between 1.94ppk up to 2.25ppk.

Hogget’s between 25kg & 32kg averaged 1.65ppk up to 1.85ppk

Hogget’s between 32kg & 39kg averaged 1.85ppk up to 2.10ppk

Hogget’s between 39.5kg & 45.5kg averaged 1.97ppk up to 2.09ppk

Hogget’s between 46kg & 52kg averaged 2.05ppk up to 2.25ppk

Hogget’s over 52kg averaged 1.75ppk up to 2.16ppk

Hoggets with teeth sold to a strong trade and averaged £74 per head up to £98 per head

All hoggets averaged £89 per head


We had a good entry of 750 spring lambs averaged £240ppk and up to 2.50ppk.

The buyers are looking for lambs from 30kg to 45kg.

All lambs averaged £95 per head.

The champion pen of lambs was awarded to Burgoyne Farms at Lyon shall for some Texel x lambs.


The Reserve Champion pen of lambs was awarded to RB and DM Read Upper Marston for some Charolais x lambs.

The show was kindly judged by Percy Jenkins of Euro Quality lamb at Craven Arms.


There was a good entry for the day of 347 cull sheep selling to a good trade which would be dearer than previous weeks. Well meated ewes sold to a significant premium.

We have a number of excellent buyers who have several orders for ewes and a capacity to sell over 750 per week.

The ewes sold to a top of £130 for some Texel ewes from GV Hardwick and Son and all the ewes averaged £70.30 a head with many hill and thin ewes forward. Tups and weathers sold to £80 and averaged £63. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.