Feed blocks can help cut fuel bills

A specialist in animal feed supplements, Dallas Keith, is advising farmers to reassess their feeding regimes in order to reduce cost, whilst maintaining stock growth.

Transport, Labour and equipment all add to the bottom line, says Dallas Keith managing director, Chris Willett. “Compound and by-product feeds have to be handled and delivered on a regular basis and the cost of making frequent trips to outlying herds soon mounts up.”

Dallas Keith ‘Dry Stock’ block last 2-3 weeks when fed to grazing cattle at the correct ratio. The reduced number of regular feed deliveries required will make a significant contribution to cutting costs.

If you are providing 2kg/head or compound feed at 260/t, that’s £15.60 for 30 days, says Mr Willett. “The Dry Stock block at 0.25kg head/day at 560/t will cost £16.80 over the same period,” he says.

“However, the block feeding regime is more economical. For example a farmer could reduce 10 deliveries a month to just two. If the round trip is, say, 20 miles, the savings will soon mount up.”

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