Feed pusher also mixes and dispenses feed

Dairy farmers looking to drive dry matter intakes (DMI) in total mixed ration systems now have the option of an automatic feed pusher that also mixes and dispenses feed.

Improved feed intake, reduced waste and time efficiencies for both staff and cows are listed as the benefits of using the new DeLaval system.

An adaptive drive function allows the DeLaval Optiduo to fill gaps in the feed passage, ensuring lower-ranked cows are not pushed to empty areas, reducing competition and stress.

“Technology such as this has the potential to ensure that dairy cows have continual access to a well-mixed diet,” said Dr Trevor DeVries, professor and Canada research chairman in dairy cattle behaviour and welfare, University of Guelph.

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“This should not only help to ensure maximum dry matter intake, but also help minimise feed sorting, and allow cows to use their time more efficiently. This leaves more time for lying down and ruminating.”

Features of feed pusher

  • Mixes feed with twin-spiralled rotating auger
  • Moves feed on to feed table, filling gaps
  • Works in barns with 5% slopes
  • Can be used on farms with multiple barns
  • Various width alleys can be used
  • Can handle straw, hay or fresh grass
  • Has the option of adding a concentrate dispenser