Firm trade for cattle at Colchester Market

A typical post-Easter short entry at Colchester Livestock Market this week saw a firm trade with the best lean sorts meeting a fast trade.


Auctioneers, Stanfords reported some resistance to the middle of the road cattle, but trade was still in line with other reports. Plenty of cattle saw 200.5p/kg selling to 227.5p/kg with no cattle selling below 140.5p/kg reflecting the quality forward.


The most buyer resistance was seen on the thicker cattle which would have been fed for no return. There were no really heavy sorts forward however with plenty of cattle selling over £1,300. Overall cattle averaged 183.50p/kg.


New season lambs were in short supply and again met a firm trade selling to £117 a head. There was a good show of old season lambs for the time of year easily clearing and selling to £105 a head.