First Holstein calf class decided at DELS

The first of the Holstein heifer calf classes, the junior heifer class, has now been decided here at the NEC, with the first prize ticket going to Furness Dundee Beauty 2, an ET bred daughter of Regancrest Dundee from F Phillipson.

Second spot was taken by Sahara Sanchez Nugget 2 from Sheika Noora Alkhalifa, this one is by Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez.

In third was Knowlesmere Shottle Papoose from Andrew and Jane Whittaker. She is by Picston Shottle and was the youngest heifer in the class.

Then in fourth place was Drointon Loader Beauty from Drointon Holstiens. She’s by Cogent Loader. And taking fifth place was Wyndford Shottle Glory 8 from W Maddocks. This is anothe Shottle daughter.