First of the Tillymaud dispersal kicks into gear at 4000gns

The first of the dispersal from Rob and Helen Smith’s Tillymaud herd, Tillymaud Malvenas 40th, sold for 1800gns. Her bull calf by Blackford Lancer sold for 1400gns to Norman Innes.

Tillymauid Kathy 27 has just sold for 4000gns to John Maxwell, Glasgow..

Tillymaud Helga and her July born bull calf sold for 2500gns to J and E Peile, while Tillymaud Jools 22, by Camus Brandy sold with her heifer calf again by Blackford Lancer for 3500gns to R MCCulloch, West Lothian.

Another nice pair, Tillymaud Tulipe 51, by Lancer with her bull calf at foot by Dirnanean Reformer sold for 2500gns to A M Walker and Sons, Angus.

At 2400gns was Tillymaud Jools 21, selling to Mr Walker again with her Lancer heifer calf at foot.