Foot and mouth disease confirmed on second farm in Egham

Foot and mouth disease has been found in cattle which were culled from a second farm in Egham, Surrey, DEFRA has announced.

The latest case was identified in cattle on Stroude Farm, adjacent to the holding near Egham where foot and mouth was confirmed on Wednesday.

The new case  is, therefore, inside the existing Temporary Control Zone.

A pre-emptive cull of animals had already taken place at the farm which is located 10 miles from the Pirbright research complex where the virus strain identified in the cases was being manufactured.

Confirming that foot and mouth was present Debbie Reynolds, chief veterinary officer said DEFRA had moved quickly.

Ms Reynolds added that she was pleased the control strategy of culling the animals as a precaution had helped.

She also said the government was considering whether to allow animals in England to be moved to slaughter.