Foot-and-mouth statement from Merial

Taking Stock can now give you the full statement released from the drug company at the centre of this foot-and-mouth incident.

Statement 4 from Merial Animal Health Ltd

Merial Animal Health Limited welcomes the arrival of the independent HSE investigation team to our centre at Pirbright. Our centre operates to the very highest international standards and we insist on stringent adherence to processes and procedures for health, safety and environmental protection, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

There is intense speculation regarding the possible sources of this outbreak. While Merial has complete confidence in the integrity of our bio-security, and our initial investigation shows no breach in our procedures, it is too early in the investigation for anyone to determine the source of the outbreak.Over the last 24 hours we have met with representatives from DEFRA, Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), and the IAH and have supplied them with detailed information regarding our operations so that every possible source of this infection can be thoroughly investigated. To support these investigations, last night we voluntary suspended viral production at our centre. We are committed to working with DEFRA and to playing our part in helping to contain and control the outbreak as quickly as possible and will take all action necessary to help the authorities to achieve this.

Further details will follow soon……