Full Devon County Show results

Here are the full results from last week’s Devon County Show, a hearty congratulations to all concerned for such an excellent show of stock.

devon Gen pic 2.jpgBEEF

Interbreed A and J Benneworth’s Devon bull Yeomadon Ferdinand; res, H Vooght’s Charolais cow Little Bovey Vogue.

Devon A and J Benneworth’s bull Yeomadon Ferdinand; res, A and J Benneworth’s cow Yeomadon Sally 2.

South Devon R R B and S J Harvey’s bull Goffe Cave Marius; res, R K Rundle’s heifer Kestle Tulip 79.

Aberdeen-Angus C J and L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Wedderlie Kentucky Excel; res, J Franklin’s bull Blacktank Billy.

Dexter M Mountjoy’s cow Knivers Meadow Iona; res, W G Attwell and T and S Rendell’s bull Withybrook Commander.

Hereford A Gilson and A Hughes’ bull Binnegar Winston; res, I Jennings’ cow Cornbel 1 Gemma.

Beef Shorthorn T C Blake’s bull Stonmour Thunder Cloud; res, T C and A J Ruby’s heifer Ashwater Bella.

AOB Beef A and M Austin’s Saler bull Morwenstow Saracen; res, D J Hitchings’ Longhorn heifer Ashton Imogen.

Blonde J Harvey’s cow Hillhead Vivila; res, P J Holman and P M Williams’ heifer Cosdon Eloise.

British Blue J N and L P Dunn’s heifer Pendle Dazzle; res, E C Haste’s bull Annanwater Dash.

Charolais H Vooght’s cow Little Bovey Vogue; res, A White’s heifer Balbithan Dominica.

Limousin D K Wheeler’s heifer Brickhill Carol; res, N and L Hill’s bull Guards Deputy Dog.

Simmental Boddington Estates’ heifer Sterling Rhapsody’s Vivian; res, P Lally’s bull Chyanhal Able 09.

Commercial beef C Alford’s Limousin cross heifer Poker Face; res, V Maynard and M Smith’s Limousin cross heifer Back to Black.


Interbreed S and S Murray’s Jersey cow Fourcrosses Centurian Pine; res, W H Ley and Partners’ Holstein cow Thuborough Modesto Jessabell.

Guernsey M J and C E Greenslade’s heifer Greensfield Icy Lady; res, M J and C E Greenslade’s cow Greenfield Hero Star.

Holstein W H Ley and Sons’ cow Thuborough Modesto Jessabell; res, W H Ley and Sons’ cow Trestoke Shottle Fillpail.

Jersey S and S Murray’s cow Fourcrosses Centurian Pine; res, M Davis’ cow Rise Totem 54.


Interbreed E W Quick and Sons Texel shearling ewe; res, J A Darke’s Devon and Cornwall Longwool ram.

Greyface Dartmoor M W Waycott’s aged ram; res, C Mortimore’s shearling ram.

Devon Closewool M Scott’s aged ram; res, W J Ley’s shearling ram.

Devon and Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s aged ram; res, J A Darke’s shearling ewe.

Dorset Down W D Burroughs and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, D and M Legg and Sons’ ewe lamb.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset T Clarke’s shearling ewe; res, R Sizmur’s ram lamb.

Exmoor Horn Brown and Allum’s aged ram; res, M Scott’s ram lamb.

Hampshire Down H C Derryman and Sons’ ram lamb; res, C J Westlake’s ewe lamb.

Jacob M M Biggs’ ram lamb; res, M M Biggs’ ewe lamb.

Rouge De L’Ouest S J Wright’s ram lamb; res, S J Wright’s aged ewe.

Ryeland J R Morgan’s aged ram; res, R P Wear’s shearling ewe.

Scotch Blackfaced W J Jordan’s shearling ewe; res, W J Jordan’s two shear ram.

Suffolk R Lawrence’s aged ewe; res, R Irwin’s shearling ewe.

Shetland J Curtis’ shearling ram; res, G and M Wakeling’s aged ewe.

Texel E W Quick and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, E W Quick and Sons’ aged ram.

White Faced Dartmoor P W Coaker’s shearling ram; res, M J Cole’s pen of two shearling ewes.

Charollais J A Curtis’ shearling ewe; res, C E Irwin’s shearling ewe.

Lleyn D C and C M Evans’ shearling ram; res, R H S Turner’s ewe.

Berichon Du Cher K Yeo’s shearling ewe; res, Woodston Manor Partnership’s ram lamb.

Bluefaced Leicester H P Havill’s aged ram; res, H P Havill’s ram lamb.

Beltex L Moorhouse’s aged ram; res, K Marshall’s shearling ewe.

Border Leicester S D Martyn’s aged ram; res, M J and V M Pile’s ewe.

Black Welsh Mountain E O Williams’ aged ram; res, E O Williams’ shearling ewe.

Southdown J P and A Woollard’s aged ram; res, A and C Brown’s shearling ewe.

AOB Native W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot shearling ewe; res, P D Prouse’s Romney shearling ewe.

AOB Foreign S C Chambers’ Blue Texel shearling ewe; res, A J Carter’s Roussin shearling ewe.


Interbreed W A, E J and C A Uglow’s Welsh Sow Edgcumbe Julia 2370; res, I Todd’s Berkshire sow Dittisham Lady 36.

British Lop C Nicholas’gilt Catrin Lulu 2; res, C Nicholas’ sow Giltedge Harmony 31.

British Saddleback J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Golden Arrow 5; res, W Edwards and A Thomas’ sow Pantysgawen Dinah 10.

Gloucestershire Old Spot W A, E J and C A Uglow’s sow Endsleigh Bluebell 2416; res, J Newth’s gilt Shepton Muriel 8.

Large White/Landrace/Welsh W A, E J and C A Uglow’s Welsh Sow Edgcumbe Julia 2370.

Large Black I and S Lomas’ gilt Gaulden Manor Doreen; res, P G Snell and Sons’ boar Sock Malcolm 11.

Berkshire I Todd’s sow Dittisham Lady 36; res, S Morgan’s boar Broadwood Namatjira.

Middle White I Todd’s sow Smallicombe Fair Lady 117; res, M Dunstan’s boar Nancenoy Captain.

Oxford Sandy and Black D R Norman’s boar Anstry Alexander 3; res, M F Case’s gilt Longash Duchess 41.