Full Devon show report and results

Here’s the full report from this week’s Devon Show, I haven’t been able to get there myself, but our correspondent has provided a full report, apart from the commercial cattle which are judged tomorrow.


In the beef lines Simmentals swept the with Boddington Estates claiming the interbreed championship, group championship and pairs class.


Sterling Viking 2 featured in each of the winning sections, claiming the overall interbreed title with handler Jimmy McMillan. The two year old bull, by Sterling Rochester, won a number of male breed championships last year, including at the October Perth bull sales. However, having failed to sell he returned to the Cheltenham-based estate for on-farm semen collection. “It’s done us a favour as he’s improved since,” said estate manager Ian Moore.

Beef Supreme Champ 290.jpg

 Taking the reserve spot was John and Rosemary Stanbury’s Devon bull Challenge Perfection, by Macbiehill Frederick. At three years old the bull was in his prime, said John Stanbury, who was helped by son Richard and daughter Clare. “It feels fantastic – he’s at the top of his career.” He heads for the Bath & West, Cornwall and Royal Shows next.

Supreme Beef Res 49.jpg

Scooping the dairy championship came as a real surprise for Mark Davis, who had not intended to bring his Jersey cow, Poyer Masters Jennifer, to the show. “She’s meant to be drying off, but they were a bit short on entries, so we thought we’d bring her along,” he said. The fifth calver gave almost 6000kg in her last lactation, at 5.8% fat and 3.8% protein. “She’s a tremendous cow – for a cow that’s had this many calves she looks very young,” he added.

Supreme Dairy Champ 400.jpg

David and Ian Chave’s Holstein cow Peacehay Fairy 26 claimed the reserve prize for the second year in a row. By Comestar Stormatic, she had her third calf just 10 days before the show, and was already yielding more than 60kg/day.


In the pig ring it was Amanda Thomas and William Edwards’ Saddleback sow Pantysgawen Dinah 9 that was favoured by judge Frances Slade. “She caught my eye the moment she walked into the ring – she’s everything a Saddleback should be,” she said. The two year old sow was now heading to the Cornwall, Three Counties and Royal Shows, said Amanda Thomas.

Supreme Pig Champ 25.jpg

 “She’s a very well built sow with a lovely straight top line, and she’s very free moving,” she added. Reserve champion was Julian Newth’s Large White boar Prestleigh Prince 3, by Portbredy Prince 1066.


Ross Lawrence’s Suffolk ewe triumphed in the sheep ring, giving him his first interbreed championship. “I knew she was good, but to beat 1400-odd sheep is superb,” he said.

Sheep Supreme Champ 595 .jpg

 Robert Jordan’s Scotch Black-Faced ram claimed the reserve spot, after winning the overall interbreed title last year. He heads to the Bath & West show next week.

Sheep Res Champ 487.jpg





Boddington Estates Ltd’s Simmental bull Sterling Viking 2nd; res, JR, RA & RD Stanbury’s Devon bull Challenge Perfection.

Interbreed Group

Boddington Estates Ltd’s Simmentals; res, Mr & Mrs DK Wheeler’s Limousins.

Interbreed Pair

Boddington Estates Ltd’s Simmentals; res, Devons.



JR, RA & RD Stanbury’s bull Challenge Perfection; res, GM Hunter Ltd’s cow Tilbrook Cashtiller 9th.

South Devon

RRB & SJ Harvey’s bull Goffe Cave Marius; res, MR & RJ Rowe’s bull Tregondale Balti 7.

Aberdeen Angus

CJ & JLM Hutchings & Sons’ heifer Kingsbrompton Evitress; res, CJ & JLM Hutchings & Sons’ bull Hallington Lancer.


Mr A Park‘s female Charlmoor Sarah; res, Mr & Mrs BT Stamp’s bull Shilford Envoy.


Miss A Gilson & Mr A Hughes’ cow Llancillo Hall Beauty 11th; res, Miss A Gilson & Mr A Hughes’ cow Llancillo Hall Hazel 20th.

Any Other Pure Beef Breed

Trehudreth Farm’s Lincoln Red heifer Trehudreth Beth K661; res, Mr MR Franklin’s White Park bull Ash Nick Nak.

British Blonde

Mr D Skinner’s bull Allacott Champ; res, Mr D Skinner’s heifer Rodleigh Cherub.

British Blue

EA & DA Ellis’s female Inishfree Christine; res, Mr & Mrs N Jenkinson’s female Springfield Crystal.

British Charolais

Mr H Vooght’s female Little Bovey Vogue; res, Mr & Mrs A White’s heifer Balbithan Chickpea.

British Limousin

Mr & Mrs DK Wheeler’s heifer  Rosecroft  Chrissie; res, EW Quick & Sons’ bull Haltcliffe Anzac.

British Simmental

Boddington Estates Ltd’s bull Sterling Viking 2nd; res, Boddington Estates Ltd’s cow Sterling Krumpet’s Roxanne.  

Commercial E A and D A Ellis’s British Blue x Limousin cross heifer Ritzy; res, Miss C Alford’s Charolais x Limousin cross steer MP P. 




Mr M Davis’s Jersey cow Poyer Masters Jennifer EX92; res, FH Chave & Son’s Holstein cow Peacehay Fairy 26.

Interbreed Group

Holsteins; res, Jerseys.

Interbreed Pair

Jerseys; res, Holsteins.


DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s cow Laity Farm Primrose 97th; res, DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s heifer Clay Hill Chrissie 4th.


FH Chave & Son’s cow Peacehay Fairy 26; res, Mr JG Ley’s cow Hoops Ivory 769.


Mr M Davis’s cow Poyer Masters Jennifer EX92; res, DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s heifer Glanmor Ring Christmas Wish.




Mr R Lawrence’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, Mr WJ Jordan’s Scotch Black-Faced ram.

Interbreed Group

Scotch Black-Faced; res, Suffolk.

Interbreed Pairs

Charollais; res, Suffolk.

Grey Face Dartmoor

Miss V Pratt’s ram; res, Miss C Nugent’s shearling ewe.

Devon Closewool

Mr M Scott’s ram; res, Mr M Scott’s yearling ram.

Devon & Cornwall Longwool

JA Darke Ltd’s ram; res, RE & D Snell’s ram.

Dorset Down

D & M Legg & Sons’ ewe lamb; res, WD Burrough & Sons Ltd’s ram lamb.

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset

Mr R Sizmur’s ram; res, Mr T Clarke’s shearling ewe.

Exmoor Horn

Mr M Scott’s yearling ewe; res, T Atkins & Sons’ yearling ram.

Hampshire Down

Mr CJ Westlake’s shearling ram; res, Mr CJ Westlake’s ram lamb.


Mrs ER Ruscombe-King’s shearling ewe; res, Mr M Bundy’s aged ram.

Rouge De L’Ouest

Mr SJ Wright’s aged ewe; res, Mr SJ Wright’s ram.


Mr JR Morgan’s ram; res, Mr RP Wear’s ewe.

Scotch Black-Faced

Mr WJ Jordan’s ram; res, KC & JC Heard’s yearling ewe.


Mr R Lawrence’s shearling ewe; res, Mr R Lawrence’s ram.


Mr TF Elliott’s ewe; res, Miss S Watson’s shearling ram.


EW Quick & Sons’ aged ewe; res, FH Chave & Son’s aged ram.

White Face Dartmoor

Mr PG Abel’s ram; res, Mr PW Coaker’s two yearling ewes.

British Charollais

C Hopper & Son’s shearling ewe; res, C Hopper & Son’s shearling ram.


Mrs SP Sayers’ shearling ram; res, Mrs SP Sayers’ shearling ewe.

Berrichon Du Cher

Manor Farm Cattistock’s ram; res, MC & KD Yeo’s aged ewe.

Bluefaced Leicester

Mrs HP Havill’s ram; res, Mrs JS Dashwood’s shearling ewe.


Mrs K Marshall’s shearling ewe; res, Miss L Moorhouse’s aged ram.

Border Leicester

MJ & VM Pile’s female; res, MJ & VM Pile’s ram.

Black Welsh Mountain

Mrs LE Cockerill’s ewe; res, EK & JP East’s shearling ewe.


A & C Brown’s ram; res, A & C Brown’s ewe.

British  Rare Breed

Mr ER Tucker’s British Galway ewe lamb; res, Mr T Rendall’s Galway shearling ewe.

British Primitive Breed

WR & Mrs BO Barker’s Manx Loaghtan adult ram; res, WR & Mrs BO Barker’s Hebridean adult ewe.

Any Other Pure Continental Breed

Miss SC Chambers’ Blue Texel shearling ram; res, Mr AJ Carter’s Roussin ewe lamb.

Any Other Pure Native Breed

Mr WJ Jordan’s North Country Cheviot aged ewe; res, Mr WJ Jordan’s North Country Cheviot shearling ewe.


JA Darke Ltd’s Texel x Mule ewe; res, AJ & WJ Reed’s ewe.





Mr W Edwards & Miss A Thomas’s British Saddleback sow Pantysgawen Dinah 9; res, Mr J Newth’s Large White boar Prestleigh Prince 3.

British Lop

Mr GP Eustace’s gilt Bezurrell Actress 227; res, Mr GP Eustace’s boar Bezurrell General 16.

British Saddleback

Mr W Edwards & Miss A Thomas’s sow Pantysgawen Dinah 9; res, Mr W Edwards & Miss A Thomas’s gilt Pantysgawen Dinah 10.

Gloucestershire Old Spot

D Overton & A Nichols’ female Exfold Princess 175; res, Mr SJ Booth’s boar Chapel Patrick 10.


Mr J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Ului 2; res, Mr J Newth’s gilt Prestcombe Vega.


WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s gilt Edgcumbe Lioness 2495; res, WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s sow Edgcumbe Lioness 2330.

Large White

Mr J Newth’s boar Prestleigh Prince 3; res, Mr J Newth’s gilt Prestleigh Beryl 15.

Large Black

Mr I & Mrs S Lomas’s boar Gaulden Manor Majestic 1; res, Miss AL Booth’s female Sock Bess 58.


Mrs S Fildes’ boar Dittisham Peter Lad 4; res, Mrs S Fildes’ sow Peverell Suzanne 4.

Oxford & Sandy Black

Mr A & Mrs MF Case’s sow Longash Duchess 31; res, Mr A & Mrs MF Case’s gilt Longash Alison 16.