Full East of England results

Here are the full results from this weekend’s East of England Show


Interbreed Messrs Harper’s Charolais cow Weybread Tiffany; res, C Horrell’s Beef Shorthorn cow Pode Hole Madeline Zeta.

Aberdeen Angus A J Brown’s cow Hawstead Lodge Pamela; res, D K Jeary’s bull Hurries Exocet.

Beef Shorthorn C Horrell’s cow Pode Hole Madeline Zeta; res, Croxton Park Partnership’s bull Chapelton Wildfire.

British Blue D and J Wyllie’s bull Ballygrange Alex; res, J Mawer’s cow Immediate ET 2840 De Mehogne.

Charolais Messrs Harper’s cow Weybread Tiffany; res, Wissington Charolais’ heifer Wissington Diva.

Simmental H Clarke’s heifer Sterling Ritzy’s Vesta; res, G Green’s heifer Greenfields Wonder.

British White Delamore Farms’ bull Leverington Chicago; res, Rotac Farms’ cow Woodbastwick Doubtful.

Hereford J Little’s bull Reydon Phoenix; res, R Manning’s bull Mandalay 1 Earl.

Highland J M Ayres bull Rob Roinach of Reeches; res, P Price and J Edwards’ cow Robina 3 of Charnwood.

Limousin D A Williams’ heifer Wilodge Diamante; res, D A Williams’ bull Wilodge Dublin Flyer.

TS E OF E  Junior Champ.JPG

Longhorn J W Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Rhyme; res, J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Sabre.

Red Poll Heath Farm Foods’ bull Beasthorpe Major; res, M J Kiddy and Son’s bull Balsham Ulaseas.

South Devon M E Broome’s cow Welland Valley Adora 2; res, M E Broome’s bull Welland Valley Hanbury 11.

AOB Beef B E Williams Welsh Black heifer Cwmcynog Katey; res, Barwood and Padfield’s heifer Brambles Lip Gloss.

Commercial beef  K W Ludgate’s Limousin cross heifer Sex Kitten; Williams and Tippetts’ Limousin cross steer Buck Off.


Interbreed Pavenham Jerseys’ Jersey cow cow Pavenham Iben 9; res, R and D Steeples’ Holstein cow Cramar Gibson Leader Lulu.

Holstein R and D Steeples’ cow Cramar Gibson Leader Lulu; res, J and S Arrowsmith’s cow Pasturesnew Kendall Salome.

Jersey Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pevenham Iben 9; res, Pavenham Jersey’s cow Pavenham Iben 12.

AOB Dairy W and J Murphy’s cow Castlemast Cherry Pie; res, W and J Murphy’s heifer Castlemast Cherry Pie 2.


Interbreed N and E Pamplin’s Texel shearling ewe; res, M and J Pinny’s Suffolk tup.

Charollais G Allenby’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, G Allenby’s ram lamb.

Hampshire Down C Horrell’s ram lamb; res, J A Atkinson’s shearling ewe.

Jacob A R and J Smith’s ewe; res, M A Freeth’s shearling ewe.

Kerry Hill F W Cook and Son’s shearling ewe; res, S A Hill’s ram lamb.

Norfolk Horn L Stephen’s shearling ewe; res, L Stephen’s shearling ram.

Southdown B Cooper’s ewe; res, S Arlott’s ewe.

Suffolk  M and J Pinny’s tup; res, T Blunt’s shearling ewe.

Texel  N and E Pamplin’s shearling ewe; res, N and E Pamplin’s ewe.

White Faced Woodland A Godchalk’s ewe lamb; res, A Godchalk’s ram lamb.

AOB  Continental R Holloway’s shearling ewe; res, R Holloway’s shearling ram.

AOB Native  J Taylor’s Ryeland shearling ewe; res, J Taylor’s Ryeland shearling ram.

Beltex G N Pamplin’s shearling ram; R Sharp’s shearling ewe.

Longwool T Ranger’s Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, T Ranger’s Wensleydale shearling ram.

Shropshire A L and M E Webb’s shearling ewe; res, L Newman’s ram.


Interbreed M and E Edgar’s British Lop sow Poplarbarn Actress 2; res, J Wreakes’ British Saddleback gilt Victoria Lottie 343.

British Lop M and E Edgar’s sow Bakers Actress 2;res, Brian Upchurch Greenway Harmony 134.

Welsh A and P Schofield’s gilt Owersby Elenora 274; res, A and P Schofield’s boar Owersby Jamees.

AOB White A and P Schofield’s boar Owersby Graff; res, M J Kiddy and Son’s sow Withersfield Royal Catalina 19.

Gloucestershire Old Spots M J Kiddy and Son’s Balsham Ellen 122; res, C Knights’ boar Alsa Sambo.

Large Black P E Churchyard’s gilt Breckles Jewel 87; res, HMP North Sea Camp’s gilt Colonyfrieston Blacklady 786.

British Saddleback A Burwell’s boar Stoke Doyle Golden Arrow; res, J R and L M Wreakes’ gilt Victoria Lottie 343.

AOB Coloured M J Kiddyand Son’s Balsham Precioucs 4; res, S Ashcroft’s Barlings Stonebow 409