Full Great Yorkshire pig results

Interbreed S Loveless’ Large White sow Port Bredy Jean 1802; res, D Beeby’s British Saddleback sow Brydges Babble 159.

AOB Traditonal M Nicholas’ Oxford Sandy and Black sow Dukes Claire; res, M Nicholas’ Oxford Sandy and Black gilt Dukes Dutchess.

Berkshire F Fieldhouse and Son’s sow Grange Farm Royal Sapphire 205; res, C T Impey’s boar Fairoaks Peterlad 2.

British Saddleback D Beeby’s sow Brydges Babble 159; res, K and K Matthews boar Low Park Rajah 244.

Gloucestershire Old Spots M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Princess 11; res, M V Hicks’ boar Windmill Gerald 33.

Large Black K and K Matthews’ boar Low Park Majestic 136; res, K and K Matthews’ sow Low Park Grandeur 140.

Large White S J S Loveless’ Port Bredy 1802; res, J Newth’s boar Prestleigh Viking 4.

Middle White C H Robinson’s sow Aggett’s Woodlands Lady 2; res, M Paddock’s sow Eaves Yootha.

Welsh C D Vaughan’s sow Vinery Willing; res, C D Vaughan’s boar Vinery Ivor.