Full Kent Show results

Here are the full results from last weekend’s Kent Show.

overall cattle general.jpg


Interbreed P Gooderham’s Limousin heifer Sundale Bon Bon; res, R Taylor’s Charolais bull Rumsden Cruiserweight.

British Blue Barwood and Padfield’s bull Piggots Artful Dodger; res, A Price’s cow Ridge Dean Auntie.

Blonde P A De Giles’ heifer Bilsington Brightly; res, P A De Giles’ bull Bilsington Cibourne.

Charolais R Taylor’s bull Rumsden Cruiserweight; res, R Taylor’s heifer Rumsden Bianca.

Simmental R J Grenham’s bull Boars Head Volcano; res, D A Sapsed’s heifer Heathbrow Treasure.

Hereford P Noel and R Snelling’s bull Sarabande Huggy Bear; res, P Noel and R Snelling’s heifer Sarabande Rose 70.

Limousin P Gooderham’s heifer Sundale Bon Bon; res, W J and M Mash’s bull Brockhurst Venture.

Longhorn S E Coleman’s heifer Chalkney Mynah; res, A K Clark and Sons’ heifer Wenham Glitch.

Sussex C E and W S Millson’s heifer Trottenden Terpsichore 91; res, L Stevens and Sons heifer Boxted Finch 59.

AOB Native P C Stovold’s Aberdeen Angus heifer Rosemead Ekim

Commercial Gallagher Farms’ Limousin cross steer Patrick; res, Thorndean Farms Limousin heifer Cheeky.


Interbreed W Hickson’s Jersey cow Winkland Anastasia 9; res, D Innes’ Holstein cow Limpsfield Lilly Phoenix.

Dexter S S Tarrant’s cow Apple Jade; res, P W Hunt’s cow Saltaire Art.

Holstein D Innes’ cow Limpsfield Lilly Phoenix; res, J R Warnock and Sons’ cow Capelleferne Jordan Daffie.

Jersey W Hickson’s cow Winkland Anastasia 9; Dean Family’s heifer Saxown Judy 5.


Interbreed D anf J Masters’ Hampshire Down shearling ram; res, H and K Long’s Charollais shearling ewe.

Romney J S B Philips’ ram; res, Messrs Horne and Son’s ram.

Southdown A Lambert’s shearling ewe; res, A Lambert’s ewe lamb.

Suffolk T Blunt’s ewe lamb; res, T Blunt’s ram lamb.

Jacob R Beecher’s shearling ewe; res, R Beecher’s ewe lamb.

Texel D Morrison and I Taylor’s ewe lamb; res, J Marshall’s shearling ram.

British Down D and J Masters’ Hampshire Down shearling ram; res, E Spice’s Hampshire Down ram lamb.

Lleyn A J and A C Cheesmur’s shearling ewe; res, A J and A C Cheesmur’s ram.

Charollais H and K Long’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, J and C Maxwell’s shearling ram.

Beltex J Marshall’s shearling ram; res, J Marshall’s shearling ewe.

AOB Continental J M Metianu and S Aspital’s Rouge ewe lamb; res, K J Vizard’s Vendeen shearling ewe.

AOB Native R Beecher’s Kerry Hill ram; res, J Shrubshall’s shearling ewe.


Interbreed C and D Bull’s Berkshire gilt; res J Murray’s Oxford Sandy and Black gilt.