Full Lanark Blackface report, £65,000 top, averages down


Prices for Blackface rams at Lanarkfailed to keep up with rates paid last year.

Not even a £65,000 top trade and a stringof other five-figure prices could hide the significant drop recorded in thevalues of ram lambs and shearlings.

Today’s 231 ram lambs sold  to average £2,771.41, down £331.56 on 2009 when there were 22fewer sold.

The shearling average in ring one dropped£184 to £1,694.40 for 343, against 330 in 2009. The ring two average at £360.36for 280 was down on £80 on the last year when eight more were sold.

Hugh Blackwood and son, Alan, ofAuldhouseburn, Cumnock, notched up their best-ever performance, with the£65,000 sale leader  boosting theiraverage for the six they sold to £18,150.65k blackie.jpg

The leader,  a ram lamb by The Roofer and out of a ewe byMcTavish, was split four ways. The Blackwoods kept a half, while the rest wasshared by John Campbell, of Glenrath, Peebles; Billy Renwick, of theBlackhouse, Yarrow, near Selkirk, and Andy Woodburn, of Netherwood, Muirkirk, Ayrshire.

The Blackwoods were then bid to £20,000for a lamb by an £8,000 Crossflatt and a out of ewe by a £30,000 Glenrath. They also retained a half in him.  John Murray, of Crossflatt, Muirkirk, and andIan and David MacArthur, of Arnicle, Glenbarr, Tarbert, shared the rest.

Auldhouseburn also sold another lamb at£11,000 to Jimmy and Donald MacGregor, of Dyke, Milton of Campsie, nearGlasgow, and Willie Dunlop, of Elmscleugh, Innerwick, Dunbar. This one was by a£36,000 Drumgrange and out of a  gimmer bya son of McTavish.

Dyke then sold at £28,000 a Travis-siredlamb  out of a ewe by a £40,000 Nunnerie.Allan Wight, of Midlock, Crawford, Biggar, the MacArthurs, of Arnicle, and the Blackhouses split him.

Dyke sold another Travis lamb out of aewe by a £26,000 Glen at £14,000 to the Ramsays, of Milnmark, Dalry, CastleDouglas.

Crossflatt accepted £26,000  for a lamb. He was by a £27,000 Auldhouseburnand out a ewe by a £13,000 Midlock. A quarter stake in him was retained byCrossfalt. Splitting the rest of him were the Blackwoods, the Ramsays,  J. and F. Burns, of Craignell, New Galloway,and I. Bond of Glen Gatehouse, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Mary McCall Smith saw her ram lamb penfrom Connachan, Crieff, top at £22,000 for Connachan Cyclone. Midlock bought this  son of Connachan Highland Storm and out of aewe by a grandson of Connachan Highland Gold.

Archie MacGregor and son, John, ofAllanfauld, Kilsyth, received £20,000 for a lamb, by Mad Max and out of a eweby the Big Yin. The Dunlops and Blackwoods bought a third each, with theMacGregors retaining the remaining the share.

There followed a deal at £18,000involving the Dunlops, the Blackwoods and Euan McMillan, of Traquairhill, Innerleithen, Peebles. They bought fromMr Woodburn, of Netherwood, a lamb by a  £27,000 Auldhouseburn and out of a ewe by £7,000 Midlock.

Selling at £18,000 too was a lamb, bya  £26,000 Dalchirla and out of a ewe bya £37,000 Dyke, from Alastair MacArthur, of Nunnerie, Elvanfoot. The Burns, ofClennell, R. and H. Finlay, of Blackcraig, Corsock, Castle Douglas, and EwenMacmillan, of  Lurg, Fintry, nearGlasgow, joined forces to acquire him.

Allan Wight and son, Allan, also received£18,000  for a lamb, by   a £60,000 Nunnerie and out of a ewe by a£40,000 Nunnerie. Mr MacArthur, of Nunnerie, Ms McCall Smith and Ian Hunter, ofDalchirla, Crieff, were the purchasers..

Mr Dunlop and sons, Quintin andWilliam,  recouped their outlay, sellinga lamb at £19,000. He was by  a £5,000Dalwyne and out of a ewe by £20,000 Midlock. Buyers were Malcolm Coubrough, ofWhelphill, Crawford, Biggar, and John Hamilton, of Aitkengall, Dunbar.


Northern Irish breeders John and CharlieHarkin, of Loughash, Co Tyrone, were bid to £16,000 for a lamb, by a £6,500 Midlock and out of a ewe by a £42,000Nunnerie. Purchasers were  David Jackson,of The Pole, Lochgoilhead; Robert McInnes, and Stuart Heads, of Aitkenhead,Fenwick; Donald MacVicar, of Lephinchapel, Strachlachlan, Strachur , and the  Brisbane Glen Estate Co, of Carlung, WestKilbride.

Thursday’s shearling trade was topped at£25,000 by Nunnerie with a son of a £20,000 Dyke and a ewe by The Caveman. Hewent to Glenrath, Midlock and Dalchirla.

Connachan was next at £24,000 with aJings-sired son that was shared by Graham and Colin McClymont, of Cuil, NewtonStewart, and Sam McClymont, of Tinnis, Yarrow.

There were other Connachan deals at£16,000 and £15,000. Midlock sold too at £16,000, while Dyke’s best was£12,000.