Full Newark and Notts results

Sorry these have taken a couple of days to get up here, but here are the full championship results from the weekend’s action at Newark and Notts, there’s a picture gallery too


Interbreed Cormack and McDowell’s Limousin bull Greenhill Viper; res, W Seels’ Blonde heifer Burghwallis Cadbury.

Commercial Beef B E Williams Limousin steer Teddy; res, M and J Dickens’ Limousin steer Mr Brown.

Aberdeen Angus C Page’s bull Blelack Eldorado; res, B J McClintock’s cow Duncanziemere Jody.

Lincoln Red H Needler’s bull Walmer Kueos; res, H Needler’s heifer Walmer Lass.

Longhorn J and P Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Rochester; res, J and P Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Rhyme.

Charolais Rand Park Farm’s heifer Whiterandall Clematis; res, Cormack and McDowell’s heifer Sunnyside Caprice.

Simmental D Donnelly’s cow Atlow Lucinda; res, T Hill’s bull Scotland Viper.

Limousin Cormack and McDowell’s bull Greenhill Viper; res, P Gooderham’s cow Sundale Bon Bon.

Blonde W Seels’ heifer Burghwallis Cadbury; res, K Jackson’s bull Hallmark Boxter.

British Blue A and E Deverall’s bull Arcanna Bartholomew; res, A Neachell’s heifer Cromwell Darling.

Hereford P Cobley’s bull Kinglee 1 Dakota; res, D and J Coulson’s bull Panmure 1 Elvis.

Red Poll A N Foster’s bull Canute Orange Admiral.

AOB Native J Smith’s Belted Galloway bull Southfield Double-O-Seven; res, B E Williams Welsh Black heifer Cwmcynog Katey.

AOB Continental C Fox’s Saler cow Campsmount Nirvana; res, C Fox’s Saler heifer Manor Lane Admiral.


Interbreed Saxby Family’s Jersey cow Saxowl Precious 4; res, I Collins’ Dairy Shorthorn cow Churchroyd Heather 30.

Dairy Shorthorn I Collins’ cow Churchroyd Heather 30; res, I Collins’ heifer ChurchroydGewn 8.

Holstein P J Rhodes’ cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, P J Rhodes’ cow Bilsthorpe Freeman Sue.

Jersey Saxby Family’s Jersey Cow Saxowl Precious 4; res, Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pavenham Iben 12.



Interbreed T Blunt’s Suffolk shearling ewe;res, C Thomas’ Charollais shearling ewe.

Suffolk T Blunt’s shearling ewe; res, G Riby’s shearling ram.

Hampshire Down J Atkinson’s shearling ewe; res, J Birkwood’s shearling ewe.

Texel P Longdin’s tup; res, H S Ashley’s shearling ewe.

Charollais C Thomas’ shearling ewe; res, G Allenby’s ram.

Lincoln Longwool M Parker’s ram; res, M D and J Coney’s ram.

AOB Native S Arlott’s Southdown shearling ram; res, S Arlott’s Southdown shearling ewe.

AOB Continental M Prince’s Beltex ewe lamb.


Interbreed C Vaughan’s Welsh Boar Vinery Workman 4418; res, B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony.

British Lop B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony 131; res, B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony 134.

Berkshire S Ashcroft’s boar Barling’s Orlando 363; res, S Ashcroft’s gilt Barlings Excelsa 321.

British Saddleback K and K Matthews’ gilt Lowpark Grand Duchess 76; res, J R and M L Wreakes’ gilt Victoria Lottie 343.

Gloucestershire Old Spots S J and A L Booth’s gilt Chapel Dolly 18; res, S J and A L Booth’s gilt Chapel Dolly 17.

Large Black S J Richardson and J A Wood’s gilt Finnington Skylark; res, S J Richardson and J A Wood’s boar Finnington Super.

Tamworth C G and S J Howes’ sow Stoneymoor Jacqueline 13; res, S Roberts and J Fairclough’s gilt Raisinhall Melody 7.

Middle White T Bretherton’s sow Gracebank Yootha 11; res, R and P M Horsley’s gilt Acaster Fair Lady.

Large White P H Brown and Son’s gilt Calderbrook Primrose B3486; res, P H Brown and Son’s gilt Calderbrook Primrose B3600.

Welsh C Vaughan’s boar Vinery Workman 4418; res, C Vaughan’s gilt Vinery Willing 4431.

Duroc J Walton’s boar Deva Thunder 161; res, J Walton’s gilt Deva Haunbjerg 25.

Hampshire Hutson and Son’s gilt Burma Judy 22; res, Hutson and Son’s gilt Burma Judy.