Full Newark results and picture gallery

Well after making the trip home again yesterday afternoon I’ve now managed to collate all the results from Newark yesterday and load all the photos into a gallery – click here to see them

Full results are listed below. The next outing for the Taking Stock team will be this week’s Royal Ulster Show (Balmoral), so lookout for pictures and results later in the week.NEWARK AND NOTTS SHOWRESULTS
Cormack and McDowell Partners’ Limousin bull Greenhill Viper; res, J R and V A Webb’s Charolais bull Newrodie Bruno.
Aberdeen Angus V Dobson’s heifer Water End Jody Erica; res, Cormack McDowell Partners cow Solway Jane Erica.
Lincoln Red M Scott’s cow Stock Haven Polly; res, not awarded.
Longhorn J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Philosopher; res, J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Rochester.
British Charolais J R and V A Webb’s bull Charolais bull Newroddige Bruno; res, Cormack McDowell Partners’ heifer Marwood Beaumont.
British Simmental D Pick’s heifer Scarthingwell Thistledown; res, P D Thurston’s heifer Ferrylane Lottie Victoria.
British Limousin Cormack McDowell Partners’ bull Greenhill Viper; res, J Weatherhill’s heifer Millington Choice.
British Blonde Evingham Blondes’ cow Doncombe Tanaina; res, W and M Seels’ cow Burghwallis Star.
British Blues A Neachell’s bull Solway View Antonio; res, N Beardsley’s heifer Woodlands Adorable.
Hereford Newtoncroft Farms’ heifer Newtoncroft 1 Luna; res, P T English’s bull Romany 1 Cosmic.
AOB Continental Beeston Hall Farms Saler heifer Beeston Hall Nina; res, C Fox’s Saler bull Manorlane Apollo.
Commercial cattle R Naylor’s Limousin cross steer Mr Mallarrkey; res, G Brooke’s Limousin heifer Brute.

J F and S Heath’s Jersey cow Les Ormes Milky Chris; res, J and S Arrowsmith’s Holstein cow Pastures New Golden Rose.
Dairy Shorthorn I R G Collins and Partners’ cow Churchrroyd Heather 24; res, I R G Collins and Partners’ heifer Churchroyd Heather 30.
Dexter S Hunt’s bull Northbrook Red Admiral; res, S Hunt’s cow Seamer Supreme Anilyah.
Holstein J and S Arrowsmith’s cow Pastures New Golden Rose; res, J R A Steeples’ heifer Cramar Leader Gibson Lulu.
Jersey J F and S Heath’s cow Les Ormes Milky Chris; res, J F and S Heath’s cow Ravenfield Jess 12.

D and J Inman’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s Charollais ewe lamb.
Hampshire Down P Kettle’s shearling ram; res, P Kettle’s shearling ewe.
Texel P C Longdin’s shearling ewe; res, P C Longdin’s shearling ram.
British Charolais P Tait’s ewe lamb; res, A J Coulson’s shearling ewe.
Lincoln Longwool M D and J Coney’s two shear ram; res, S Chapman’s shearling ewe.
AOB D and J Inman’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, S Hill’s Kerry Hill shearling ram.

B Upchurch’s British Lop sow Greenway Harmony; res, P H Brown and Sons’ Large White gilt Calderbrook Primrose.
British Lop B Upchurch’s sow Greenway Harmony; res, B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony.
Berkshire M Horsley’s boar Horbeck Ambassador; res, T Bretherton’s sow Gracebank Louise.
Saddleback J R and M L Wreakes’ sow Victoria Lottie 168; res, K and K Matthews’ gilt Low Park Grand Duchess.
Gloucester Old Spots M Hicks’ sow Windmill Josephine 18; res, M Hick’s Windmill Princess Mary 23.
Large Black H M P North Sea Camp’s Colonyfreiston Black Lady; res, K and K Matthews’ boar Low Park Majestic.
Tamworth C G and S J Howes’ sow Stoneymoor Golden Rose 15; res, R and P M Horsley’s gilt Templeson Ruby.
Middle White T Bretherton’s boar Gracebank Rajah; res, J Herbert’s gilt Dappleheath Dorothy 60.
Large White P H Brown and Son’s gilt Calderbrook Primrose; res, P H Brown and Son’s boar Calderbrook Prince.
Welsh C D Vaughan’s gilt Vinery Marigold 4367; res, C D Vaughan’s boar Vinery Ivor 4361.
Duroc P H Brown and Son’s gilt Calderbrook Nancy; res, not awarded.
Hampshire Hutson and Son’s gilt Burma Anna 29; res, Hutson and Son’s sow Burma Judy 10.