Full Newark Show results

Here are the full results from yesterday’s Newark and Notts Show, there are a couple of breeds for which I haven’t got results, but these should be updates soon.


Interbreed Smiths of Bloxhams Limousin heifer Ironstone Dumandy; res, B McClintock’s Aberdeen Angus bull Chathill Eugo.

Aberdeen Angus B McClintock’s bull Chathill Eugo; D Jeary’s heifer Briston Peggy Farthing.

Lincoln Red Messrs Hedley and Needler’s bull Walmer Kudos; res, Barwood and Padfield’s cow Brambles Hot Lips.

Charolais S Webb’s cow Darshams Virtue; res, G Armstrong’s cow Alymar Celeste.

Simmental R Birch’s cow Treetops Tallulah; res, A Hurn and Partners’ heifer Twyford Vixen.

Limousin Smiths of Bloxham’s heifer Ironstone Dumandy; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s bull Ironstone Enrico.

Blonde Moores Livestock’s cow; res, W Seels cow Burghwallis A Little Star.

British Blue David Plested’s bull Chalford Manor Express; res, B Birch’s heifer Boomer DKNY.

Red Poll J Broughton’s heifer Nobodys Allspice; res, T Barratt’s bull Appleton Bomber.

AOB Native M Perris’ South Devon bull; res, R Fountaine’s South Devon heifer Lucombe Carro.

AOB Continental C Fox’s Salers cow Manor Lane Spirit.

Commercial E Williams’ Limousin cross heifer Kilkenny Classy Lassy; res, Barwood and Padfield’s Limousin cross heifer Ruby Red Pants.


Interbreed M Oldershaw’s Jersey cow Woodbine Cassandra 2; res, P Rhodes’ Holstein cow Billsthorpe Shottle Sue 2.

Holstein P Rhodes’ cow Billsthorpe Shottle Sue 2; res, R Steeples’ heifer Cramar Faria.

Jersey M Oldershaw’s cow Woodbine Cassandra 2; res, Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pavenham Iben 9.


Interbreed F Rushton’s Texel shearling ewe; res, L Needham’s Suffolk shearling ram.

Suffolk L Needham’s shearling ram; res, T Blunt’s shearling ewe.

Hampshire Down P Kettle’s untrimmed ram lamb; res, J Atkinson’s shearling ewe.

Texel F Rushton’s shearling ewe; res, A J and J M Chapman’s shearling ram.

Charollais D Wheatley’s shearling ewe; res, G Allenby’s aged ram.

Lincoln Longwool M D and J Coney’s shearling ram; res, S Chapman’s shearling ewe.

Beltex R Sharp’s aged ram; res, R Sharp’s ewe lamb.

Southdown L Mead’s ewe lamb; res, D Williams’ aged ram.

Jacob R Chapman’s aged ram; res, S Dodsworth’s aged ewe.

AOB Continental P Tait’s Rouge De L’ouest aged ram; res, P Tait’s Rouge De L’ouest shearling ewe.


Interbreed M Forster’s Middle White gilt Elgany Woodlands Lady; res, J R and M L Wreakes’ Saddleback sow Victoria Lottie 313.

Large White C Beck and L McLoughlin’s gilt Prestleigh Beryl 17; res, C Beck and L McLoughlin’s gilt Panorama Beryl 9.

Welsh C Vaughan’s gilt Vinery Empress 4471; A and P Schofield’s gilt Owersby Dainty Girl.

Hampshire Hutson and Son’s sow Burma Judy 10; res, C Barr’s gilt Ashghyll Anna.