Full Royal Norfolk Show results

Norfolk Show results


Interbreed Messrs N J and A M Barrett’s Beef Shorthorn bull Glenariff Brave Bonnar; res, P B, J A and B A Borlase’s bull Clonagh World Class

Aberdeen-Angus I H McLaren and Sons’ heifer Aynho Estona H459; res, Hardwick Farms’ bull Nightingale Panmure E281

British White Dr A V St Joseph’s bull Tollesbury Rocket; res, F W Cook’s bull Albany Orson

Hereford M Wyand’s bull Primrose Edward; res, Newtoncroft Farms’ heifer Newtoncroft 1 Mary  

Highland J Ayres’ cow Eitag 3rd of Reeches; res, P Edwards’ cow Mari 4th of Kmnedor

Lincoln Red R I Clough and Son’s bull Beverley Legend; res, R I Clough and Son’s heifer Beverley Mary L32

Longhorn J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Sabre; res, Miss S Coleman’s cow Southfield Glory

Red Poll Ms J Broughton’s cow Nobodys Allspice; res, Miss E Grint’s bull Beasthorpe Major

South Devon M E and T E Broome’s bull Welland Valley Crusader; res, Grove Farms’ cow Grove Willowherb 36

British Blue Woodland herd’s cow Woodlands Adorable; res, C P Barwood and A Padfield’s heifer Bringlee Electra

British Charolais Wissington Charolais’ heifer Wissington Diva; res, Brailes Livestock’s heifer Brailes Daisy

British Limousin Smiths of Bloxham’s heifer Ironstone Dumandy; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s bull Ironstone Enrico

British Simmental Boddington Estates’ cow Sterling Dolores Petra; res, P B, J A and B A Borlase’s bull Clonagh World Class

Beef Shorthorn Messrs N J and A M Barrett’s bull Glenariff Brave Bonnar; res, Mrs M Wyand’s heifer Pode Hole Irene Candy

Commercial Beef T A and L C Lyon’s Limousin cross steer meat Loaf; res, M J Dickens’ Limousin cross heifer Near Miss 


Interbreed J H and P E Nicholson’s Holstein cow Neatishall Talent Ricki; res, E S Burroughs and Son’s British Friesian cow Wheatacre Lee Buttercup

Holstein J H and P E Nicholson’s cow Neatishall Talent Ricki; res, R Paterson’s cow Airfield Atomic Ring

Dexter S R Creasey’s cow Langley End Nicotiana; res, P Brind’s heifer in calf Carich Heather

Guernsey Suffolk Farmhouse cheeses’ dry cow Sharnford Mr Luck Marigold; res, N R Kennard’s cow Instead Beauty 28th

Jersey B Daw’s cow Bluegrass Jazzmans Flamboyant; res, B Daw’s heifer Bluegrass Comericas Pink Heather

Ayrshire Miss M D M Howie’s junior  dry cow Ridley Hill ruby 4; res, T Crawford and Co’s junior cow in milk Moorside Marie 7

Any Other Dairy Breed E S Burroughs and Son’s British Friesian junior cow in milk Wheatacre Lee Buttercup; res, ??   


Interbreed Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s Southdown shearling ram; res, P Kettle’s Hampshire Down shearling ewe

Suffolk M J and J A Pinny’s shearling ewe; res, M J and J A Pinny’s shearling ram

Oxford Down G Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ewe; res, S A Banks and B A green’s ewe lamb

Hampshire Down P Kettle’s shearling ewe; res, S A banks and B A Green’s ewe

Jacob D Tuffney’s ewe lamb; res, L J Adams’ ewe lamb

Lincoln Longwool L Fairburn’s shearling ewe; res, M D and J Coney’s shearling ram

Norfolk Horn Catfield Hall’s ewe; res, Catfield Hall’s shearling ewe

Southdown Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s shearling ram; res, Wakeham-Dawson and

Harmer’s shearing ram   

Texel Decoy Texels’ ram; res, S W Cobald’s ewe

Charollais J Barber’s shearling ewe; res, G Allenby’s ram

Coloured Ryeland J Stone’s ram lamb; res, V Howells’ ewe lamb

Beltex R Sharp’s ram; res, G N Pamplin’s shearling ewe

Whitefaced Woodland D J Perfitt’s shearling ewe; res, J e Taylor’s shearling ewe

Primitive Breeds B Pearson’s Soay ewe; res, C Clement Smith’s Shetland ram lamb

Any Other British Down Breed B Lugsden’s Dorset Down ram lamb; res, S Evans Shropshire shearling ewe

Any other British Longwool Breed S Holdich’s Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, S Holdich’s Wensleydale shearling ram

Any Other Shortwool Breed J R Taylor’s North country Cheviot; res, J R taylor’s North country Cheviot ewe

Any other Continental Breed J McInnes Skinner’s Bleu du Maine ewe; res, J Dansie’s Zwartbles shearling ewe

Butcher’s classes R sharp’s Beltex pair; res, D and W Livestock’s Beltex single   


Interbreed A W Wells’ large white gilt Poplarburn Greta 87; res, J Wreakes’ British Saddleback sow Victoria Lottie 306

British Lop M N and E V Edgar’s gilt Bakers Actress 14; res, B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony 147th

British Saddleback J Wreakes’ sow Victoria Lottie 306; res, J Wreakes’ gilt Victoria Lottie 398

Any Other Modern Breed A W wells’ Large White gilt Poplarburn Greta 87; res, D J Finch’s Welsh boar Siskin Emperor

Any Other Traditional Breed P Churchyard and Son’s large Black sow Breckles Jewel 87th; res, A W Wells’ Berkshire gilt Parkenden Royal Lustre 2240

Commercial Pigs P D and G S Mortimer’s single bacon pig; res, P D and G S Mortimer’s single pork pig