Full Royal Show sheep and pig results

Here at the end of a long and weary Royal Show are the full sheep and pig results, we wait with interest to see what if anything happens to reinvigorate the event before next year.

One thing is for sure there are a lot of livestock exhibitors who will need convincing its worth their while heading back to Stoneleigh next year.


Interbreed D Roberts Charollais ewe; res, R Powell’s Kerry Hill shearling ram.

Interbreed Pairs Charollais; res, Kerry Hill.

Interbreed Group of Three P Tait’s Rouge; res, D Dishop’s Beltex.

Beltex D Bishop’s shearling ewe; res, J McAree’s ram.

Black Welsh Mountain J D Goode’s shearling ewes; res, E O Williams’ ram.

Bleu du Maine E J Goldie’s ewe; res, E J Goldie’s ram.

Bluefaced Leicester R S and J T Shaw’s ewe; res, R S and J T Shaw’s ewe lamb.

Rouge D R Jane’s ewe; res, P Tait’s ewe lamb.

Charollais D Roberts’ ewe; res, D Roberts’ shearling ewe.

Cotswold S Palmer; res, D Stanhope’s shearling ram.

Dorset Down B Lugsden’s ram lamb; res, B Lugsden’s ewe lamb.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset N A Jesse’s shearling ewe; res, N A Jesse’s ram.

Hampshire Down C A Horrell’s shearling ewe; res, C A Horrell’s ram lamb.

Jacob J Strong’s ram; res, V Fairley’s ram.

Kerry Hill R Powell’s shearling ram; res, R Powell’s ram.

Leicester Longwool D Stanhope’s shearling ram; D Stanhope’s shearling ram.

Lleyn R and J Gunn’s ram; res, R and J Gunn’s shearling ewe.

Oxford Down G C Watson and C Grain’s ram lamb; res, H Middleditch’s ewe lamb.

Ryeland S J Kendrick’s ram; res, R Morgan’s ewe lamb.

Shetland C Ringrose’s ewe lamb; res, C Ringrose’s ram.

Suffolk T Cox’s ram lamb; res, T Cox’s ewe lamb.

Texel D Corfield’s ram; res, D F Chave’s ram.

Wensleydale S Holditch‘s shearling ewe; res, G J Stevenson and L Clouder’s ram.

Wilstshire Horn I Owen’s ram; res, J Bradley and P Middleton’s shearling ewe.

Zwartbles Clay Farm Partnership’s shearling ewe; res, Clay Farm Partnership’s ram lamb.

AOB MV Accredited S E Farquar’s Shropshire ewe; res, A D Bishop’s Blue Texel shearling ram.

AOB Non-MV Accredited J F C Taylor’s Southdown shearling ewe; res, D Stanhope’s shearling ram.

Prime lamb competition A D Bishop’s Beltex x Texel cross; res, D S and L E Wadland’s Beltex.



Interbreed P Fowlie’s Welsh Sow Braemor Nina 4; res, T Bretherton’s Middle White boar Gracebank Rajah.

Interbreed Pairs Duroc; res, Large White.

Berkshire S Fildes‘ sow Dittisham Lady 5; res, T Bretherton’s boar Gracebank Orlando.

British Lop M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Excelsa 23; res, M V Hicks’ boar Windmill Charles 5.

British Saddleback J E Sage’s boar Blewett Prefect 86; res, S Samuel’s sow Shenlow Shamrock 24.

Duroc S J S Loveless’ sow Portbredy Torntoft; res, A P Rose’s boar Maddaford Rossz 9.

Gloucestershire Old Spot M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Princess Mary 24; res, M V Hicks’ boar Windmill Sambo 11.

Landrace D Hobbs’ sow Bickham Asa 7; res, D Hobbs’ sow Sunrise Asa 1397.

Large Black Marquess of Salisbury‘s sow Crane Nocturne 56; res, P G Snell’s sow Sock Doreen 168.

Large White G N S Kiddy’s boar Witherfield Alpine 15; res, G N S Kiddy’s sow Withersfield Blackberry 155.

Middle White T Bretherton’s boar Gracebank Rajah; res, B Merry’s sow Pinehurst Fairlady 7.

Tamworth T H Wheatley-Hubbard’s sow Berkswell Melody 34; res, T H Wheatley-Hubbard’s boar Berkswell Jasper 3.

Welsh P M Fowlie’s sow Braemor Nina 4; res, C D Vaughan’s boar Vinery Ivor 4361.