Full sheep results from the Royal Highland Show

As promised a full list of this year’s winners in the sheep sections from the Royal Highland Show………..

Sheep results

Blackface A Macgregor’s shearling ewe; res, W Ramsay and Sons’ ewe.

North Country Sheep W and J Thomson’s ewe; res, J Runciman and Sons’ shearling ewe.

North Country Cheviot Hill Sheep Nicholson Farms Clebrig’s shearling ewe; res, North Loch Naver Estates.

Border Leicester H Guthrie and Sons’ ewe; res, J W Brown and Others’ ewe lamb.

Suffolk S G Mair and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, R H Wilson’s shearling tup.

Cheviot A T Elliot’s tup; res, J E Irving’s tup.

Bluefaced Leicester
J Thomson and Sons’ ewe; res, A Fotheringham’s tup lamb.

Jacob W Crowe’s shearling ewe; res S Dodsworth’s shearling tup.

Texel J Forsyth’s ewe; res, J Forsyth’s shearling ewe.
Ryeland A J Robinson’s ram; res, A M Humphries’ shearling ewe.

Charollais R and M Paterson’s shearling ram; res, R and M Paterson’s shearling ewe.

A Arbuckle’s and Meikle’s shearling ewe; res, J Stevens’ ram.

Oxford Down
P Delday’s ram lamb; res, J and G Wilson’s shearling ewe.

Rouge De L’Oeust J Smithson’s ram; res, R Imlah’s ewe lamb.

Berrichon Du Cher R and J Graham’s shearling ewe; res, E Burgess’ ram.

Scotch Mule J White and Sons’ ewe lamb; res, W Sanderson’s ewe.

Beltex J W Cowan’s shearling ewe; res, J L McMillan’s ram.

Lleyn R Johnson’s shearling ewe; res J J Kingan’s shearling ram.

Hebridean D Ferguson’s ewe; res, D Ferguson’s ram.

Bleu Du Maine
J W and K M Davison’s shearling ewe; res, J W and K M Davison’s ram.

A Slack’s ewe; res, T Brogden’s shearling ram.

Hampshire Down J and O Mercer’s shearling ram; res, A McCarthy’s shearling ewe.

Zwartbles A J Thorburn’s ewe; res, A Duckworth’s ram.

Commercial A Baillie’s lambs; res, D Brown and Co’s shearling ewe.