Full Three Counties results

Here are the full show results from last week’s Three Counties Show, Malvern.


Interbreed C Turney’s Charolais cow Hamilton Vogue; res, W Scott’s South Devon cow Grove Willowherb 21.

Interbreed (Continental) C Turney’s Charolais cow Hamilton Vogue; res, Boddinghton Estates’ Simmental bull Sterling Viking 2.

Interbreed (Native) W Scott’s South Devon cow Grove Willowherb 21; res, Ford Abbey Farm Business’s Hereford bull Ford Abbey 1 Dartania.

Interbreed Pairs Simmental; res, Charolais.

Hereford Ford Farm Business’s bull Ford Abbey 1 Dartania; res, M & H Timmis’s heifer Shraden 1 Alice.

Aberdeen Angus N & B Pittams’ bull Dark Lane Romeo; res, N & B Pittams heifer Dark Lane Esme.

Blonde I & S Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop; res, R Kinnish’s bull Kinaston Carlos.

British Blue A Neachell’s bull Solway View Antonio; res, A Neachell’s cow Tamhorn Uptown Girl.

Charolais C Turney’s cow Hamilton Vogue; res, Brailes Livestock’s Brailes Butterfly.

Simmental Boddington Estates’ bull Sterling Viking 2; res, Boddington Estates’ cow Sterling Michelle’s Rhapsody.

Devon C Hutchings and Sons’ heifer Polgrain Amithis; res, S Farquar‘s cow Burwood Beauty 39.

Highland P Knuaff-Dexter’s cow Lesley of Thistle; res, A Perkins’ bull Hector of Thistle.

Longhorn E Hallifield’s heifer Dunstall Gypsy; res, E Hallifield‘s heifer Dunstall Hanna.

South Devon W Scott’s cow Grove Willowherd 21; res, Bredon School‘s bull Bredon Ajax.

Commercial Beef G Brooke’s Limousin X heifer; res, A Bishop’s Limousin X steer.      


Dual Purpose

Interbreed W Rushton’s Dexter cow Manorial Dottie; res, E McKechnie’s Gloucester bull Stanley Arthur.

Gloucester E McKechnie‘s bull Stanley Arthur; res, J Silverwood’s heifer Trentside Japonica.

Dexter W Rushton’s cow Manorial Dottie; res, M Eagling’s cow Sollershope Breamish.

Red Poll P McLaughlin’s heifer Marsh House Rita’s Willow; res, Paddock & Marsden’s bull Tatton Sparton.



Interbreed S and S Murray’s Jersey cow Fourcrosses Centurian Pine; res, R & C Colton’s Holstein calf Rosedon Shottle Linda.

Jersey S & S Murray’s cow Fourcrosses Centurian Pine; res, S & S Murray’s Shellan Connection Diamond.    



Interbreed D Roberts’ Charollais ewe; res, R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram.

Interbreed (Terminal Sires) D Roberts’s Charollais ewe; res, C Holmes ewe lamb.

Interbreed (Other breeds) R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram; R & J Shaw’s Bluefaced Leicester ewe.

Interbreed Pairs Charollais; res, Suffolks.

Beltex A Bishop’s ewe lamb; res, D Bishop’s yearling ram.

Berrichon Du Cher T Stayt’s yearling ram; res, Woodhouse Manor Partnership’s ram.

British Bleu Du Maine/Rouge De L’Ouest P Tait’s Rouge ewe lamb; res, P Tait’s Bleu yearling ewe.

Charollais D Roberts’s yearling ewe; res, Daffurn & Curtis’s yearling ram.

Dorset Down J Mcminn’s yearling ram; res, J Mcminn’s yearling ewe.

Hampshire Down A & G Pink’s yearling ram; res, A & G Pink’s ram lamb.

Leicester Longwool D Stanhope’s shearling ram; res, L Parson’s yearling ewe.

Lleyn S Peters’ ram; res, J Gunn’s shearling ewe.

Shropshire S Farquar’s ram; res, S Farquar‘s shearling ewe.

Suffolk C Holmes’ ewe lamb; res, C Holmes ram lamb.

Texel D Bishop’s ewe lamb; res, C Holtom’s yearling ewe.

Zwartbles S & S Murray’s shearling ewe; res, Clay Farm Partnership’s ram lamb.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain C Smith’s shearling ewe; res, P Ball’s ewe.

Black Welsh Mountain J Goode’s shearling ewe; res, J James’s yearling ram.

Bluefaced Leicester R & J Shaw’s ewe; res, J Roberts’ ewe.

Cotswold D Stanhope’/s ram; res, A Field’s ram lamb.


Kerry Hill R Powell’s ram lamb; res, R Powell’s ewe.

Lincoln Longwool S Higgins’ yearling ewe; res, S Higgin s’ shearling ram.

Ryeland A Morgan & Son’s ewe; res, A Morgan & Son’s ram.

Any Other Hill Breed Bredon School‘s Scottish Blackface ewe lamb; res, Bredon School‘s Scottisbh Blackface  ewe lamb.

Any Other Lowland Breed A Bishop’s Blue Texel yearling ewe; res, F & B Taylor’s Southdown ewe.

Any Other Longwool Breed D Stanhope’s Teeswater shearling ram; res, D Stanhope’s Teeswater ram.



Interbreed Edwards and Thomas’s British Saddleback sow Pantygowan Dinah; res, Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ Hampshire gilt Kilcot Precious.

Interbreed (Modern) Kilcot Pedigree Pigs Hampshire gilt Kilcot Precious; res, Flay & Tongue’s Welsh gilt Churchstone Daffodil 20.  

Interbreed (Traditional) Edwards and Thomas’s British Saddleback sow Pantysgawan Dinah; res, Paddock and Marsden’s Middle White Lewin Dorothy 5.

Gloucester Old Spots M Hicks’ sow Windmill Princess 11; res, Kilcott Pedigree Pigs’ gilt Newent Dolly.

Berkshire Kilcott Pedigree Pigs’ boar Kilcott Ambassador; res, C Impey’s gilt Fairoaks Farewell 3.

British Saddleback Edwards and Thomas’ sow Pantysgwen Dinah; res, A Gready’s gilt Hatesbury Belle 17.

Large Black S Merrill’s gilt Constable Nocturne; res, A Acreman & Son’s boar Langland Majestic 14.

Tamworth C Howes sow Stoneymoor Melody 9; res, N Hunkin‘s boar Shutevale Golden Ball.

Welsh Flay & Tongue’s gilt Churchstone Daffodil; res, Flay & Tongue’s boar Churchstone Emperor.

Other Traditional Breeds Paddock and Marsden’s Middle White sow Lewin Dorothy 5; res, M Hicks’ British Lop sow Windmill Excelsa.