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Gamechanger, creating a secure and sustainable beef industry

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Sainsbury’s and ABP are changing the way they produce and buy premium British beef and have created an industry leading integrated beef supply chain. It’s all about providing farmers with greater security and stability, embracing the very best in Aberdeen Angus genetics, and delivering amazing beef with a lower, more transparent hoof print that keeps British beef in consumers’ baskets. But it’s more than just an integrated beef supply chain. It’s a Gamechanger for farmers and consumers. 

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When it comes to the beef supply chain, efficiency and quality are what matters. The best genetics means the best beef, and the best beef means the best deal for farmers.

Through a pioneering collaboration with Sainsbury’s, the Gamechanger programme is giving British rearers, finishers and dairy farmers a more secure, profitable future. And a more sustainable one too.

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Chris Andrews, a Gamechanger beef finisher based in Cheltenham, provides his animals with a unique diet which drastically cuts down on wastage.

Although predominantly forage-based, all other ingredients come from homegrown beet, or by-products which don’t make it to human consumption.

It’s a sustainable, sensible way to bake in profitable efficiencies, and it suits the Gamechanger scheme perfectly.

Once calves have been on a transition diet for 10 days they are introduced to Chris’s ration, and this is the ration they will stay on till they leave the farm to go to the abattoir. It is very much ‘one ration fits all’.

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Over in South Oxfordshire, Stephen Doble has been with Blade Farming, and now the Gamechanger programme, for a decade.

The scheme helps iron out price volatility, alongside access to top-performing calves for finishing. As well as a more profitable business, Stephen has also been able to drive serious sustainability projects.

The farm’s grassland is better managed, and a significant portion has been committed to a Countryside Stewardship Scheme, with the potential to provide greater financial security in the future – especially important once basic payments are phased out in the years to come.


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A more diverse, ecologically balanced natural environment can only benefit us all, and Gamechanger’s support and capital allows farmers who join the programme to undertake the kind of projects and initiatives they might have previously been unable to.

So when Sainsbury’s customers buy the best quality British beef, they’re not only buying a secure future for farmers, but for the natural world too.

Gamechanger is now recruiting dairy farmers, rearers and finishers. 

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