Gisburn dairy trade tops £2,000

Gisburn’s pedigree dairy show and sale achieved a high of £2,000 for a freshly calved heifer from John and James Dugdale.

Sired by Woodmarsh Lantern she sold three weeks calved and giving 33 litres to Brian Blezard, Preston.


Just shy of this at £1950 was David and Sue Graveston’s freshly calved commercial heifer, from their herd in Clitheroe. She sold to the Calyton’s Partnership, Malpas, Cheshire.

Making £1920 was the pedigree class winner from Jeremy Taylor, Skipton. Sire by Gillette Stanley Cup she sold two weeks calves and giving 35 litres to TR and JH Wharton, Carlisle.

(Richard Turner and Son).