Good trade for meated lambs at Kington

McCartney’s of Kington reported a reasonable entry of 1,800 sheep this week.

Entries of 1,500 lambs sold to a better trade than the previous day.

Less numbers are being marketed due to the easier trade nationally, reported auctioneers. Lambs are generally getting heavier due to farmers holding back the lambs over previous weeks and at present are selling relatively well.

Meated lambs were again at market premiums and therefore it is well worth grading the lambs well at home to obtain these higher prices. Lighter lambs between 40 and 43kg would be at market premiums and would sell readily between 1.60ppk and 1.70ppk. We had a pleasing trade throughout compared to other centers this week and all the lambs averaged 1.60ppk up to 1.70ppk.

Lambs between 32kg & 39kg averaged 1.55ppk up to 1.58ppk

Lambs between 39.5kg & 45.5kg averaged 1.62ppk up to 1.70ppk

Lambs between 46kg & 52kg averaged 1.52ppk up to 1.58ppk

Lambs over 52kg averaged 1.50ppk upto 1.53ppk

The lambs sold to £86.20 per head for some 57kg lambs from LJ Davies

All lambs sold to a good trade for the time of the year. The lambs were in good demand from the buyers and

meated lambs again sold to premium prices.

Some 38kg lambs from S O and J O Alman made £59, 40kg lambs from R D and J M Ransom made £66, 41kg lambs from GET Jones made £66, 43kg lambs from M G and G J Morgan made £72.70 and 45kg lambs from the same home made £73.50, 46kg lambs from CP Holloway made £72.70, 48kg lambs from J W Lloyd and Sons made £73, 50kg lambs from T Bufton & Sons made £75, 51kg lambs from DR & MG Williams made £79, 57kg lambs from JET Jones made £85

There was a good entry of 300 cull ewes selling to a better trade but there is still a large number of cull sheep being marketed nationally and similar to the lambs the demand has eased nationally and on the export trade.

The buyers are requiring meated ewes which are not fat, which sold to premium prices. The ewes sold to a top of £87.50 for some Suffolk x ewes from P M and J A Jones and all the ewes averaged a good £59.10 a head with many hill ewes forward. Tups and weathers sold to a good trade and sold to £70 and averaged £60. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.