Good trade for stores at Tenbury sheep sale

More than 3,700 store sheep were forward at Tenbury prize sheep sale with good quality resulting in a marvellous trade, according to auctioneer Nick Champion

The sale included the prize show of yearling ewes which saw a quality entry on offer and a marvellous trade on the Mule ewes, while the Suffolk x were easier.

The championship was awarded to the Welsh Mule entry from first time exhibitor Mrs E. Gutteridge, Eastham.

Top head price was £170 on two occasions for North Country Mules for a pen from G J and D I R Thompson and another from S J Yarnold and Sons. The 603 North Country Mules sold from £153 to £170 to average £160.79. 263 Welsh Mules topped at £162 and sold from £134 to average £147.03. 550 Suffolk x topped at £148 and sold from £120 to average £130.60.

A single pen of Texel x two and three year olds from J B Jennings were keenly sought after to achieve £120.

More than 2000 store lambs were forward to include a few pens of ewes lambs which topped at £93.50 for Suffolk x North Country Mules from H N Richards with other pens at £90, £75.50, £73 and Texel x Mules at £79.

The store lambs were again a terrific trade despite the late harvest and high feed prices, with all the fleshier lambs selling at levels more than comparable with the current slaughter trade. Top price was £75 for Texel x from J H Leighton, Brimfield. Strong stores generally sold from £70 to £75, medium stores from £64 to £70, small stores from £50.50 to £63.50 and mini stores from £30 to £48.50.

General prices as follows:-

Suffolk x sold to £73 to average £67.67

Texel x sold to £75 to average £64.44

Charollais x sold to £74.80 to average £67.24

Lleyn x sold to £66 to average £65.72

Black Welsh Mountain sold to £47 to average £41.07

Welsh x sold to £58 to average £43.92

Mules sold at £64

Zwartbles sold at £67

The overall average was £65.36

216 cull ewes and wethers met another very strong trade on all types with very few heavy ewes available, and plenty of demand for the plainer grazing ewes boosted the averages. Top price was £91 for Suffolk x ewes, with North Country mules to £90, Welsh Mules to £77, Continental x to £77, Clun x at £59.50 and Welsh to £43.80.

The overall average was £61.79.

12 Crossing Rams met a firm demand with a top price of £430.50 for a Charollais ram lamb from P D Vaughan with others from the same home at £357 (x2) and £325.50. A Texel x Charollais shearling sold at £393.75. Charollais shearlings sold to £262.50 and Texel shearlings to £252.