13 new grass varieties hit growers’ list

Farmers have 10 new varieties of ryegrasses, two hybrids and a timothy to consider when choosing grassland mixes this summer.

The varieties have been tested for total and seasonal yield, feed quality, disease resistance and persistence over an independent trial period of at least four years.

The 2020-2021 Recommended Grass and Clover List can be downloaded from the Ahdb website or the British Grassland Society website from 7 May.

Siwan Howatson, AHDB grass and forage scientist, said: “The lists are an invaluable resource for grassland farmers, enabling them to select varieties that will perform well in a particular system.

She said farmers should check the varieties they are choosing are on the list and suit their needs.

New varieties

  • Italian diploids: Syntilla, Sendero
  • Italian tetraploids: ILVO166093, Arman
  • Hybrid tetraploid: Perkins, AberImage
  • Timothy: Baronaise
  • Intermediated perennial ryegrass tetraploid: Convey, Chatsworth
  • Late perennial ryegrass diploid: AberTest, Ballyvoy, Swan
  • Late Perennial ryegrass tetraploid: Gracehill