Great Yorkshire pig breed results

Champion in the Berkshire pigs here today was C T Impey with October 2008-born sow Fairoaks Lady 5, reserve was F Fieldhouse and Son with sow Calcaria Royal Sapphire.

In the British Lops the top ticket went to Mark Edgar with January gilt Bakers Harmony 31, while reserve was also Mr Edgar, this time with junior boar Bakers Charles 8.

Taking the Saddleback title were J R and M L Wreakes with their sow Victoria Lottie, reserve was M and B Mulkeen with boar Garsfield Prefect.

Gloucestershire Old Spot champion was Messrs Overton and Nicholls with gilt Exfold Princess 203, reserve was S Whiteley with gilt Birchfield Bluebell.

Large Black champion went to P E Churchyard with boar Breckles Majestic 24, reserve was K and K Matthews with their sow Lowpark Grandeur.

Taking the Large White honours was Guy Kiddy with his sow Withersfield Royal Catalania, reserve was Steve Loveless with cow Portbredy Queen Mary.

In the Middle Whites the winner was S J Richardson and J A Wood with their boar Finnington Captain, reserve was E L Paddock with sow Lewin Dorothy.

Oxford Sandy and Black champion was M F Case with Longash Duchess 41, while reserve was C Turner with Greenside Alistair.

Lifting the Welsh breed honours was Phil Fowlie with his boar Braemor Imperial 7 and reserve was C D Vaughan with boar Vinery Emperor.