Hasselt Holsteins push bidding to 2000gns

A solid trade pushed bidding to 2000gns and over on 13 occasions when the Hasselt Holstein Friesian herd owned by the Laarveld family at Winkleigh, Devon was dispersed.

Top call was 2500gns for Lasselt Wallen 36th, a December third calver by a home-bred sire. She went to Messrs Hill, Taunton. An August calver by Weeton Jackson from the Gem family made 2350gns to M Button, Cornwall.

“A great trade for all classes reflecting the continuing upbeat demand for dairy stock,” commented auctioneer Terry Hamlin.

Averages: 42 cows and calved heifers £1773; five in-calf heifers £1690. (Stags).