Genus footbath product controls lameness

A new cleansing and disinfecting footbath to help prevent and control lameness in dairy herds has been launched by Genus ABS.

Bootmaker has been developed specifically to help prevent lameness, says Paul Nunn, European business development manager for Genus ABS.

On-farm trials using the disinfectant have shown a 46% decrease in cows scoring 3, 4 or 5 for locomotion.

“Its deep penetrating cleaning action means its high level disinfectant can reach the skin directly and is immediately effective,” says Mr Nunn.

“Bootmaker not only cleans and disinfects in one footbath, it also toughens hooves without hardening, is non carcinogenic and is environmentally sound.”

After independent trials, Bootmaker has been proven to have a 99.9% kill rate, with a five log reduction in infectious and non-infectious bacteria, even in the presence of high levels of organic matter.

Lameness is one of the biggest reasons for dairy cows leaving the herd, says Mr Nunn. “The average herd has 20-70 new cases of lameness per 100 cows a year, with 20-30% of the herd lame at one time.

“To help maintain improved foot health, it is essential a footbathing routine is maintained, making Bootmaker an ideal product for all herds.”