DEFRA secretary thanks farmers for patience on TB

DEFRA secretary Caroline Spelman has thanked farmers for their patience over a possible announcement on a badger cull to control TB.

The industry is awaiting the outcome of a consultation which could see farmers in England licenced to control badgers in TB hotspot areas. The consultation closed in December 2010.

Mrs Spelman told farmers attending the NFU conference that she was aware they were anxious for a decision on bovine TB.

“It is a devasting disease, which must be eradicated. We are determined to get this right, so we need to follow the process very carefully. Thank you for your patience.”

Union president Peter Kendall said bovine TB had led to much needless distress and waste for livestock farmers over many years.

“We understand and know that it will be a long battle and that any action to eradicate the disease in wildlife is far from an easy option.”

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