Shambo gets reprieve after High Court ruling

A slaughter notice served on Shambo, the bullock which has tested positively for TB and is owned by a Hindu Community , has been quashed by the High Court.

A judge has ruled that killing the bull would be an infringement of the Skanda Vale community’s human rights.

The Welsh Assembly is considering its position but the Farmers Union of Wales has immediately described the decision as ‘ludicrous’.

“This ludicrous ruling contradicts the principles upon which successful TB eradication programmes throughout the world have been based for generations,” said FUW Life Member Evan R Thomas, who represents the FUW on the WAG TB Action Group.

“It flies in the face of common sense. It seems that the British justice system is now content to put human health and animal welfare at grave risk.

“What will now happen if in six months time this animal is coughing up blood and is so emaciated that it cannot hold its own weight? Will the judge make a similarly ludicrous decision?

“Today’s ruling could set disease control in Britain back by 70 years. Tests on other animals in the Skanda Vale herd have already shown a worrying pattern of further potentially infected cattle with two more animals found to be positive reactors to the TB skin test, in the same category as Shambo, and five others as inconclusive.

“This area has suffered the ravages of TB for a number a years and this ruling has infuriated all those farmers who have lost thousands of animals to this disease. The fact that the judgement will now place their farms at greater risk will further dishearten an already depressed community.”

Are youn surprised by the ruling? Do you think the judge is right or wrong? Share your views on the forums.

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