Welsh Assembly speeds up cattle disposal

The Welsh Assembly is to speed up disposal of cattle that give inconclusive TB test results.

Elin Jones, assembly rural affairs minister, told a Welsh Winter Fair press conference that inconclusive reactor cattle would be valued and slaughtered after one doubtful re-test result rather than two.

Cattle owners will also be able to opt for inconclusive animals to be removed before a second test.


“I am pleased to announce that a change in the current policy which will further assist us in the fight to reduce the spread of bovine TB,” Ms Jones said.

“The disease control benefits of this revised policy are clear and working in association with our TB Health Check testing programme will help us as we take preventative and remedial measures to accurately assess the level of the disease in Wales.

“The sooner inconclusive reactors are removed the less likely they are to spread disease.”

On 1 October the assembly started a programme to test all cattle herds in Wales.