Welsh minister orders Shambo, the sacred bull, to be destroyed

Shambo the “sacred” bullock belonging to the Skanda Vale multi-faith community in west Wales that tested positive for bovine tuberculosis is to be slaughtered, Wales’ rural development minister Jane Davidson has said.

Mrs Davidson told AMs that she had considered requests from the religious community to spare it, but said that destroying it in accordance with the law was the only way to protect people and other animals from the disease.

Senior figures at the Skanda Vale Community are now expected to apply for a judicial review.

Lawyers for Skanda Vale claimed Shambo’s case was unique as its care not based on a farming model as none of the animals cared for the by community enter the food chain.

He also said the monks would consider a judicial review, if necessary.

Ms Davidson said she was “acutely aware of the strength of feeling” over the case.

But she added that had to take account of the need to eliminate – and not just reduce – the risk of spreading TB.

“I have decided therefore that putting down the bullock is the only means of completely eliminating the risk.”

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