New guide set to help producers cut livestock losses

A guide has been developed to help beef and sheep producers use disease information recorded during abattoir inspections to assess the health and welfare of their livestock on farm.  

The abattoir post-mortem condition guide, produced by AHDB will:

  • give farmers more information about the carcass and offal conditions inspected in the abattoir
  • help them use the data, together with their vets, to identify and address problem areas, especially when animals do not show any symptoms.

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Ouafa Doxon, AHDB Beef & Lamb collection and communication of inspection results project manager, said: “Good use of post-mortem data can lead to better returns for producers by improving productivity and minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal.

“The guide gives an in-depth overview of the conditions, such as liver fluke, liver abscess and pneumonia. The booklet also contains information on the possible impact on productivity, and how to minimise future losses.

“Producers are encouraged to discuss post-mortem results received from the abattoir with their vet, so they are able to develop a strategy that helps protect the health of their herd or flock and reduces production losses both on farm and throughout the supply chain.”

Producers can download a copy of the leaflet from the AHDB Beef & Lamb website (PDF) or request a hard copy by emailing