Map helps farmers track blowfly strike cases

A map that plots new incidences of blowfly strike around the UK has been produced by Novartis Animal Health.

The first case of blowfly strike was reported on 7 March, but since then dozens more cases have been reported, due to the recent warm, humid conditions.

It is hoped the CES Site Tracker map, which provides farmers with a regional update of outbreaks, will help sheep producers better target treatment timing.

Fiona Lovatt, president of the Sheep Veterinary Society explains: “Due to the unpredictability of the UK weather, getting the timing right for treatment of ewes and lambs against blowfly strike can be extremely difficult.

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“Many do not realise the speed in which blowfly strike can occur, as within days of emerging, adult females lay batches of about 200 eggs on to the sheep’s fleece. If an infestation is missed, then the sheep will suffer for a week or so before dying. Thankfully, blowfly strike can easily be prevented but research has shown that there is a very good reason to use such treatments early in the year to prevent a build-up of flies and avoid the devastating impact that strike can have on flocks.”

To report a case of strike in their region farmers should email: