One-shot treatment for foul in the foot

Cattle producers will now be able to treat foul in the foot with a single-shot antibiotic and nil milk withdrawal.

One injection of Naxcel Cattle provides a full antibiotic therapy, giving seven days of therapeutic blood levels against most foul-in-the-foot pathogens, explained Pfizer vet Ben Gaskell.

Speaking at a press briefing at The British Cattle Breeders’ Conference, Telford, Mr Gaskell explained less than one-fifth of antibiotic courses were administered by the same person, introducing opportunity for error.

“In a recent survey, 60% of farmers admitted forgetting to administer a dose.” And 70% said they would prefer a single dose to reduce cow stress and improve convenience.

“Naxcel Cattle will make on-farm therapy easier and improve treatment success rates.”

Naxcel Cattle needs to be injected in the subcutaneous area at the base of the ear. But with most first injections occurring in the cattle crush after foot examination, this should not cause an added problem, said Mr Gaskell.

“Injection technique is straightforward as long as cattle are adequately restrained.”

Naxcel Cattle does convey a nine-day meat withdrawal, but this is considered low compared to other products.

And farmers should not have to pay a premium for a single dose product. “The cost of Naxcel Cattle should be roughly the same as three shots of an antibiotic treatment for foul in the foot,” he said.