Hefin Wilson reigns supreme at Welsh Dairy Show

The Welsh dairy show yesterday saw Hefin Wilson, Tregibby Farm, Cardigan take the supreme title with Ridgefield Goldwyn Cinderella. This third lactation produced 13,000l in her second lactation and has a daily production of 55l in her third lactation.

In the supreme heifer championship, it was Helen and Dafydd Cox, of Glanmor Jerseys, Laugharne,  that won the coveted title with Glanmor Julian Minstral, which also won the overall Jersey reserve championship. They also won the breed championship with IJB Sambos Fledgling, a fourth-calver bought at a sale in Shepton Mallet in September.

There was a clean sweep in the Ayrshire section for father and son, Philip and Stuart Wilson from Pembrokeshire.

But glory wasn’t reserved only for Welsh breeders. Brian Miller’s journey from Moorshard, Bridgewater, paid off when he won the Brown Swiss breed championship with a second calver Sedgemoor Picasso Trolla he had imported from Italy.

In the Dairy Shorthorn class exhibitors, Mark and Eluned Davies, and their daughter, Jenny took the championship with their seven-year-old cow, Chicklade Wildeyes 26.




A.H. Wilson and Son’s Ridgefield Goldwyn Cinderella; res, I.L. and E. Harries’ Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 4.


Dairy Shorthorn

Mark, Eluned and Jenny Davies’ Chicklade Wildeyes 26; res, I.L. and E. Harries’ Marleycote Peggy 10.



Glanmor Jerseys’ IJM Sambos Fledgling; res, Glanmor Jerseys’ Glanmor Julian Mistral.



Philip and Stuart Williams’ Willhome Gold Caroline; res, Philip and Stuart Williams’ Willhome Nelson Ladybird.


Interbreed Supreme Champion Heifer

Glanmor Jerseys’ Glanmor Julian Minstral; res, A.H. Wilson and Sons’ Eola Big Celicia.


Interbreed Supreme Champion Cow

A.H. Wilson and Sons’ Ridgefield Goldwyn Cinderella; res, Philip and Stuart Williams’ Willhome Gold Caroline.


Interbreed Group of Three: A.H. Wilson and Son; res, Glanmor Jerseys.


Champion calf

Sian Thomas; res, K. and C. Thomas.


Champion handler

Ellie Robinson’ res, Rhys Griffiths.