Hoggets top £76 a head at Kington Market

A reasonable entry of 1,300 hoggets sold to a much brighter trade at Kington Market with more competition from the buyers. The weakening of the pound against the euro and supermarket promotions has assisted in the demand for lamb over the past few days.


The export type of hogget were again in good demand particularly if the were lean and weighing between 39 and 43kgs. Hoggetts in all weight ranges were easier to sell.

50kg plus hoggets were in good demand again selling to £76 a head

A good trade was reported for the weight in the market and all the hoggets averaged 1.55p/kg up to 1.65p/kg.

The top price hoggets were some Suffolk x Hoggets from K O Rogers which made £76

Hoggets between 25kg and 32kg averaged 1.35p/kg up to 1.39p/kg

Hoggets between 32kg and 39kg averaged 1.49p/kg up to 1.58p/kg

Hoggets between 39.5kg and 45.5kg averaged 1.57p/kg up to 1.65p/kg

Hoggets between 46kg and 52kg averaged 1.40p/kg up to 1.45p/kg

Hoggets over 52kg averaged 1.37p/kg up to 1.44p/kg

There was a good entry of 400 cull ewes selling to a better trade especially on the smaller hill type ewe which are currently in demand for the export market. The ewe trade on all types was much better and the ewes were generally £5 to £10 dearer than previous weeks.

The buyers were requiring meated ewes, which sold to premium prices. The ewes sold to a top of £120 for some texel ewes from J E Hughes and Son and all the ewes averaged £56 a head with many hill and thin ewes forward. Tups and weathers sold to a good trade and sold to £80 and averaged £63. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes.