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How artificial intelligence can mitigate transition cow diseases

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Predicta GUARDIAN, for farmers who don’t wait till it’s too late!
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For dairy farmers who don’t wait until it’s too late 

Are you aware that many transition cow health issues go unnoticed? It’s a fact.

However, these problems such as metritis and ketosis mastitis that occur in early lactation, can be mitigated or prevented by optimising management and animal health care around dry-off and during the dry cow period.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.  

What is Predicta GUARDIAN? 

It’s the next generation tool to protect your herd against transition cow diseases by identifying those members of the herd at highest risk and in turn, helping them towards realising their full genetic potential.  

How does it work? 

Predicta GUARDIAN is an artificial intelligence tool designed for dairy farmers and their advisors.

Its artificial intelligence has been trained on hundreds of thousands of dairy cow lactations to learn how to detect animals at dry-off which are at risk from transition cow disease in the next lactation. 

Who it is for? 

All producers who understand the benefits of disease prevention, are focused on improving their dairy farm’s sustainability and wish to keep one step ahead, together with their vets and nutritionists. 

What does it do?   

Predicta GUARDIAN uses your farm’s existing herd management software to analyse the milk recording or milk meter data, along with reproduction data from a cow’s previous lactation, to determine whether a dry cow is at risk from transition health issues.

These issues would not be detected by standard blood, milk or urine testing and definitely not as early as at dry-off. 

In turn, Predicta GUARDIAN provides you with WhatsApp/SMS or email notifications for individual cows that are likely to suffer from transition diseases.

You can customise these alerts and receive them when you decide, directly to your phone or via e-mail to prioritise management of the  cows at risk.  

Graphic showing Predicta GUARDIAN's WhatsApp alerts

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Key benefits 

  • Identifies animals at and around dry-off which are at risk from transition cow diseases after the next calving, hence six to eight weeks prior to the occurrence of the actual disease case and well before irreversible damage can occur. 
  • Provides a data-driven dry-cow management solution that helps you optimise the economic outcome of your dry cow management 
  • Saves you the worry and expense of whether you would need to treat all your dry cows and instead, you only treat those that actually need it. In turn, artificial Intelligence will help towards dairy farm sustainability.

How to get started 

Dairy Data Warehouse is offering you a free, two-month, no-commitment trial. If you sign up, there’s no minimum contract duration, and no additional equipment is required. Find out if you are eligible.

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