JSR shows ‘world’s most efficient pig’

Dubbed “the world’s most efficient pig”, JSR Geneconverter 700, with exceptional feed efficiency and an FCR 13.4% lower than UK average, was launched at the fair.

This reduction of 13.4% equates to a £5 feed-bill saving for every pig produced, said Grant Walling, JSR research and development director.

“With feed accounting for roughly 65% of production costs, feed conversion is key to maintaining profitability. Gc700 will see money going back into producers’ pockets, as benefits will be seen instantly.

“With Gc700 reducing FCR wean-slaughter by 0.34, days to slaughter by 25 days and margin over feed costs by £5.20 (based on 50% increases in feed costs from the Pig Year Book 2007), a saving of £9922.66 can be paid for every 100 sows.

“Gc700 is a dream to producers and processors. With strong legs, good loin percentage and linear increases in muscle depth at heavier weights, producer targets are reached.”

Producers can see direct benefits on-farm by looking at the ratio of weight of saleable meat yield produced for every ton of feed used, by using abattoir and feed records, said Carlos Peralta, JSR’s commercial director.

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