Keen trade for younger stores at Hereford

Last week’s store cattle sale at Hereford Market saw nine month old Limousin x steers to £810 (310kg), a draft of 10-11 month old Simmental x from £985 to £1,010, and 10-11 month old pure Hereford steers from £670 to £840.

Stronger steers sold to £1,290 for 20 month old home bred Limousins, with other stronger sorts from £965 to £1,150. Those with better conformation were all 230p-260p/kg.

Heifers sold to £1,115 for a pen of Limousin crosses with the stronger sorts from £850 to £1,108. Younger heifers of all breeds met keen trade, with home bred Limousin heifers, aged nine and a half months at £915, seven month old Limousin x at £545 and pure seven to eight month old Herefords from £600 to £840. Simmentals aged 10 months ranged from £750 to £800. With strong Blue x heifers suitable for bulling met £885 to £980.

Caplor Herd Dispersal

The dispersal of the Caplor Herd’s pedigree registered and unregistered Hereford cattle saw the four year old stock bull, Border Butress H104, sell to £2,250.

Cows sold to £1,800 for Phocle Lady Linda 424J, with her heifer calf Caplor Caroline at foot. Other better sorts ranged from £1,480 to £1,750.

In-calf cows topped at £1,550 for the first in the ring, another Phocle cow, this time Dowager 268D. Stronger in-calf cows met £1,220 to £1,400.

Included in the entry of 58 cows/heifers in or with calf were three Hereford x heifers with four month old Simmental x heifer calves. They topped at £1,410 and from £1,120 to £1,400. The draft of black Hereford cows with Hereford bull calves all sold from £650 to £860.

Barren cows and two older Hereford bulls sold very well topping at £1,290 for a 1,000kg bull with another at £1,125. Beef cows sold to £985 for a 680kg Limousin, meated cows all met 125p-161p/kg.

Friesian cows sold to £980 for a well meated 790kg, other leaner sorts made between £580 to £760.

Averages: 126.2p/kg, £800.91 a head.