Kington lambs top at £89.50 a head

Kington reports a smaller entry of 1001 lambs last Thursday (24 July), but they sold to a better trade than earlier in the week. Those between 39.5kg and 45.5kg averaged 1.78p/kg and top price a head went to SG Deakins 55kg lambs, at £89.50.

Buyers continue to require good meated lambs for their orders and all weight ranges were in good demand. Leaner lambs were more difficult to sell so it is well worth selecting better meated lambs.


Cull ewes, tups, wethers, store lambs and in-lamb ewes

There was a good entry of 465 cull & store sheep, which sold to another strong trade with excellent demand from the buyers. Like the lambs, the best trade was on meated sheep with thinner ewes more difficult to sell.

Ewes sold to a top of £112.50 for Texel x ewes from R and SM Watson. All ewes averaged £66 a head with many hill and thin ewes forward.

Tups and wethers sold to a good trade up to £88.50 and averaged £63.