Knighton prime lamb trade averages 162.8p/kg

An entry of 1,858 prime lambs and 540 cull sheep were forward at Knighton market last week with overall trade averaging 162.81 pence a kilo.

Firmest demand remained for heavy lambs which sold to 170 pence a kilo for 44kg Texel lambs to £74.80 a head from DE Evans, Field Farm. Also to 168 pence a kilo for 45kg Texel x lambs to £75.50 a head from F Ruell and Son, Paytoe Hall.

Top price a head was £89.80 a head for 54kg Charollais x lambs (166 pence a kilo) from VP and DE Jones, White House. Also to £84.20 a head for 52kg Texel x lambs from DW Price, Ackhill.

The ewe trade remained on par with recent weeks averaging £45.79 a head and selling to £91 a head for Texel ewes from WS Jones, Wernhir. Also to £88.50 a head for Texel ewes from AP Morgan, Hill View. Mule ewes sold to £69.80 a head from JW Watkins, Heartsease. Also to £64 a head from T and M Lewis, The Lands.