Lamb trade at Kington tops at £110 a head

A smaller entry of 56 end of season hogget’s sold to a good trade at Kington Market last Thursday. The hogget price ranged from 125 ppk to 150ppk, but demand was good for all weights.

The top price hogget’s were £79 a head on for some 48kg hogget’s from L and BD Napolitano


A solid entry of 1,503 spring lambs sold to an excellent trade – better than the previous days trade. Well bred and meated lambs sold to premium prices. All the lambs averaged 2.19ppk and up to 2.30ppk.

The buyers are looking for lambs from 30kg to 50kg and premium prices were given for heavier lambs over 42kg. However lighter lambs between 32 and 36kgs were also in good demand.

Lambs sold to £110.50 a head for some 52kg lambs from Colin Matthews.

All lambs averaged £88 per head.


The 678 cull ewes entered sold to a top of £103 for some Texel ewes from PD Jones, with all the ewes averaging £64.30 a head. Tups and weathers sold to £94 and averaged £85. However the auctioneers commented there were a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes forward in the cull ewe section.