Lamb trade at Skipton tops £119 a head

With 31 buyers represented at the CCM Skipton prime lamb ringside at Monday’s weekly sale, sharp trade brought about new orders on the back of lower prices in the second half of the previous week. (June 17)

Export lambs proved particularly strong, topping at 270.5p/kg for a Beltex pen from Tim Robinson, of Longridge, while the highest per head price of £119 fell to a Charollais pen from Simon Spensley, of Gargrave. Not far behind on £115.50 per head was another Texel pen from Geoff Blezard, of Ribchester.

The total entry of 1,394 prime sheep included 886 Spring lambs, which sold to an overall average of £84.62 per head, or 226.8p/kg.

The 227 prime and mature hoggs averaged £67.11 per head, or 164.4p/kg, with a by-weight top of 230.3p/kg for a Texel pen from Shaun Richards, of Hapton, and a per head high of £96 for a pen of Texels from T Riley, of Hebden Bridge.

An entry of 281 cast ewes and rams saw cull ewes average a few pence shy of £60 per head, the pick of them a Charollais pen from Charles Marwood, of Whenby, York, at £109.50 per head. Another three-figure achiever with a Texel pen at £107.50 per head was Ronnie Emmott, of Silsden. Cast rams averaged £62.83 apiece, headed by a Texel at £94.50 from John and Sandra Harrison, of Thornton-in-Craven.