Lamb trade tops £120 a head at Skipton

The 1,728 head of prime sheep sold at CCM Skipton’s weekly sale, on Monday, (June 24) included a much higher show of 1,161 new season lambs, which attracted an increased ringside of buyers as firms around the country began to source in greater numbers.

Robert Towers, from Farleton, again led the way when selling pens of Charollais and Beltex lambs at £120, £119 three times and £117 a head, with Richard Maudsley, of Rathmell, and Trevor Stoney, of Pateley Bridge, all coming in with pens at £116 each.
Richard and Mark Ireland, of Whalley, topped the per kilo prices at 279.5p, 263.5p and 275p. Trevor Stoney sold lambs at 276p/kg, Stuart Beeforth, of Stillington, at 274p/kg and Robert Towers at 270p/kg twice. The overall prime lamb selling average was £94.03 a head, or 236.1p/kg.
A total of 91 prime and mature hogs achieved an overall average of £63.76 a head, or 166.1p/kg, with the top a head price of £95 falling to a Texel pen from J Bradley, and the leading by-weight price to a pen from D Ward, of Tosside, at 211.4p/kg.
A very mixed show of almost 500 cull ewes included 200 horned ewes that pulled the average back to a shade over £41 a head, with heavy ewes meeting a similar trade on the week. Top price of £102.50 a head fell to a Suffolk pen from Andrew Atkinson, of Felliscliffe. Meanwhile cast rams averaged £54.50 a head.